Friday, July 3, 2020

Sharing Today at "Becoming Minimalist"

"And He said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth."
Luke 12:15

Today, I am SO grateful to Joshua Becker for allowing me to share my heart at his amazing blog, "Becoming Minimalist."  I have been following Joshua for years, and he has been a huge inspiration to my family and me on our minimizing journey.  Joshua was the first person I wanted to interview back in 2015 when God began to lead me to start the "Inner Views" segment of this blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed our telephone conversation, and you can read my interview with Joshua by clicking HERE.

My family and I are finding a deep and meaningful sense of purpose in the "nothingness" God has led us to carve out in our lives.  Our passionate pursuit echoes the cry of John the Baptist's heart in John 3:30, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

A closer walk with Jesus is the driving force behind our letting go of so much of this world's goods, and it is the thrust of our new book, 

(You can order your own copy of our book HERE!)

"I stood in our son, Zach’s room, staring at his cleaned-out, nearly empty closet. 

“The only thing that will be on the floor will be my laundry basket, Mama!” His words were spoken with such pride and excitement, and in that moment, it hit me how grateful I am not only for our minimizing journey but for the timing of it."  

To read the rest of my latest article, "Finding Substance in Nothing," click HERE!


  1. Cheryl, I'm so grateful to be a recipient of your book. I confess that this week I have not had one moment to read it as I have barely had time to pick up my Bible every morning and that comes first.
    This week has definitely been a journey in minimalizing. It's all been so fast that I haven't really had time to think about it. I certainly hope our house sells this weekend before I have time to panic and second guess our decision to sell right now. Winter in the mountains in a travel trailer???? Are we crazy? It did feel good to see things go away when I donated them. Some items I boxed up hadn't been seen in years. The total loads between Alicia, Dennis and I is 18 FULL car/truck loads to the thrift store. If I hadn't read the first part of your book last week, I don't think I would have been able to do it. And then we listed our house. God's timing is everything. He knew I needed to read your words. He knew when our house would be listed. He knows when it will sell. I'm trying to put it into His hands and leave it there. It's hard.
    Take care my dear friend. Please know that I'm praying for your family every day, especially your sister.

    1. OH, Betsy! Your words were such a blessing and encouragement to me tonight! I read them to Kevin, and he was so blessed, also. To know that the book is helping you means the world to us. I hope as you continue to read it, you will continue to find renewed courage and also confirmation that you are walking in God's Divine will. As you said, God knows all that is going on, and His timing is impeccable. Your prayers for Sharon and our family are so appreciated, also. I look forward to seeing how God moves on your behalf with your house sale and all else that is ahead of you. It is so exciting, isn't it? To let go of this world's goods for the sake of a higher call is one of the most liberating things we could ever do in this life. Sending much love and many blessings to you, dear friend.

  2. Hi Cheryl-I'm not on your team as I just heard about your new book. I hope you don't mind me sharing some words from this post with a link to your blog in my post this week. The book sounds awesome!

    1. Hi, Amy! Yes, feel free to share this post with your readers! I am going to try to contact you privately. God bless you!