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Cheryl writes with such an ease that draws you into each heartfelt chapter, and always begins with a special Bible verse that ties into the story. Each story is interspersed with more verses and lessons from Cheryl’s life. The book truly is homespun from
the fabric of her heart and her devotion to her family and to Our Lord. You will feel completely wrapped in a warm hug while reading this book.

I absolutely loved reading this book! I love how the author, Cheryl E Smith, shares and relates her life stories to bible verses and scripture. The way she relates scriptures to everyday life situations and experiences is incredible. Her faith and love for family is very inspirational and heartwarming. In today's world we all need a positive outlook and to see the good in bad situations. This is the book that will give you that reminder that we all need to stay strong, that nobody is perfect and to keep the faith! It reminds you what is really important in life. This book really makes you think about your actions and learn how to handle life's challenges in a positive way. It reminds us that we are not alone, God is with us every step. I started reading this book and I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for something uplifting, wholesome, inspirational and heartfelt to read. This is one of the best books I have ever read!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Homespun Devotions Volume 2. I first learned about Cheryl when I read Biblical Minimalism and enjoyed it so much I purchased Homespun Devotions Volume 1. I enjoy reading her sincere stories and how she relates them as a follower of Jesus.

Cheryl writes from her heart and shares her love for Jesus in a beautiful way. Cheryl's sharing of her family and the life lessons and challenges they have faced, allow me to see how God walked their journey with them.

Cheryl Smith is a powerful writer, sharing tidbits and stories from her life that show how the Lord has worked like scraps of fabric in a beautiful quilt, bringing so many different stories into one beautiful cohesive work showcasing how the Lord's grace works through every situation we face in our lives. A book that you won't be able to put down, but it also works as a daily devotional, as there are 50 stories/chapters in the book. Your heart will be blessed and encouraged as you read the stories she shares! I highly recommend this book, and have her other books as well!
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Cheryl's writing is spiritually refreshing and yes, authentically homespun. She's the real deal and I'm happy to highly recommend her second devotional not only for your personal use but also to jump-start a family devotional time if that's something your gang is lacking or has given up on.

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