Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Inner Views of Melissa Evans

"And these three remain: Faith, Hope and LOVE, but the greatest of these is LOVE."
I Corinthians 13:13

Melissa Evans

Cheryl:  Please tell us about yourself.  

Melissa:  I am a Harlan County, KY coal miner's granddaughter.  I was born in Harlan, Kentucky, but raised in East Tennessee.   My parents were high school sweethearts and married right after they graduated.  A little over one year later, I was born.  Three years later, my brother Curtis was born.  My Dad was a wonderful mechanic, and he loved to buy old automobiles and fix them up.  Some of my earliest memories were sitting on the engine handing my dad tools while he worked and my Mom reading bible stories to me.  We attended church every time the doors were open.  My Dad's parents moved in with us, and my parents started having problems. When I was in the 2nd grade, my parents divorced.  My Mom remarried a few years later to a wonderful man, "Pop."  My childhood was filled with lots of love and laughter. Pop loved to laugh and make others laugh.  He was an amazing storyteller, and he took us on many adventures.  He taught me how to play ball and besides my Mom, he was my biggest cheerleader.  In elementary school, I started playing basketball, softball, volleyball, and running track.  My teenage years were spent on the field, on the court, and on the track.  I LOVED sports and being outdoors.  My childhood was filled with love, laughter, and Jesus!

Cheryl:  What are the details surrounding the beginning of your Christian journey?   

Melissa:  When I was 5 years old, our pastor gave an altar call, and I remember walking down the aisle at Greenvale Baptist and accepting Jesus as my personal Savior.  I remember my heart pounding so hard, and I couldn't stop crying.  I asked God to forgive me for my sins and asked Jesus to come live inside me.  A few weeks later, I was baptized in a river.  It was in the Fall, and the water was so cold.  I felt an immediate change take place when I came out of the water.  

Cheryl:  When did you first realize God has gifted you with the talent to sing?

Melissa:  I have been singing since I was a small child.  In high school, I was in Chorus for four years.  It wasn't until my mid twenties that I realized the talent God gave me to sing and worship Him.  

Cheryl:  Please share with us about your musical journey.  

Melissa:  I started leading praise & worship at church as a young adult and in 2005, I became the lead singer in a Christian rock group, "Face Like Flint."  We traveled and sang regionally, led praise & worship in numerous churches, and ministered in prisons and "Celebrate Recovery."   In 2015, I was asked to "fill-in" for one of the singers in a southern gospel trio, "Sacred Harmony."   I was blessed with the opportunity to travel and sing for almost a year.  When my time with "Sacred Harmony" ended, I prayed for direction and felt God pulling my in a different direction—solo career.  I released my first project, "I Will Sing" in 2017.  I have been traveling, ministering, and sharing God's love through song.  I am currently working on my next project and scheduled to go into the studio at Chapel Valley Records in mid April.

Cheryl:  What are some of the most memorable things you have experienced while ministering the Gospel through song?

Melissa:  1.  As a young child, the Rambos came and ministered many times at our church.  I remember how beautiful Reba Rambo was and how I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.  In 1992, Reba Rambo McGuire and her husband Donnie came to minister at my church, and I had the opportunity to meet and talk with her.  

2. My step-brother made a wrong decision that took him down the wrong path.  When he was 20 years old, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.  He was paroled after seven years, and when released, he made another stupid decision that put him back in prison and he was deemed a "habitual criminal."

He was finally released from prison, and one month later, he died in a tragic motorcycle accident.  Just one year later, "Face Like Flint" was asked to come and minister at the prison where my step- brother had spent the majority of his adult life.  I can't explain the feelings that flooded my soul while being there and sharing his story with the inmates.  Giving an altar call and seeing the inmates accept Christ was amazingly powerful.  

3. In 2019, I was honored to be "Horizon Award-Female."  

4. In February of this year, I ministered at a small church in KY on a Sunday evening.  The church had been praying for a young lady for over a year.  She had walked away from God and had been running.  That morning I had a severe gall-bladder attack (yes, I need surgery, but I am believing God for healing) and was sick all day.  Two hours before the evening service, I was not feeling any better; vomiting, etc. and asked my husband Robert to please pray with me.  I was going to have to cancel but needed peace about it.  After we prayed, we looked at each other, and we knew I had to go minister.  Robert said, "Someone needs to hear your testimony and songs tonight."  During the altar call, the young woman the church had been praying for came forward and  shared how she had been compelled to come that evening, and she rededicated her life!  We serve an amazing God!

Cheryl:  What do you most hope to accomplish through your ministry?

Melissa:  I want to see souls saved and lives changed!

Cheryl:  As a busy Christian wife and mother, how do you find balance?  

Melissa:  Do we ever really find balance?  Honestly?!  I ask myself that question  everyday.  It is imperative to spend time with God everyday.  Reading His word and talking to Him.  On the days that I find myself putting other things before God, those are the days that I fail in every aspect of my life!  In the midst of the situations on those days, I ask," Lord what is going on, why is this happening today?"  Immediately, I am reminded that I didn't take the time to spend with God.  I'm not saying if you spend time with God you won't have problems or situations beyond your control.  However, when I put God first, I handle the problems and situations much better, and the solutions come faster!

Cheryl:  What advice would you give to the woman who is struggling to maintain Biblical priorities while serving her family?

Melissa:  Spend time with your Heavenly Father.  Get up a little earlier than your family or stay up a little later.  It is worth the loss of sleep!

Cheryl:  Describe one of the darkest times of your life.  How did your faith in God sustain you during that time?

Melissa:  After the birth of my third child, Skylar, I suffered from severe postpartum depression.  I was so ashamed that I wasn't a "strong enough" Christian to handle my baby or life in general.  My thoughts were dark, and I felt so alone. Many times throughout the first year, I packed my clothes in a suitcase to leave, and I actually made it to the car a few times before changing my mind.  For the following two years, my memories are a blur.  My daily routine consisted of praying, crying, screaming, REPEAT.  When Skylar turned two years old, I was overcome with guilt for the things I had said, done, and thought.  At this point I suffered from insomnia.  I would lie awake at night and cry and beg God to forgive me for the horrible thoughts in my head.  I continued to pray and ask God to deliver me.  Looking back now, I realize God needed me to persevere so I could help others through.

Cheryl:  As you look over the past and all God has brought you through, who are some of the people He has most effectively used to encourage you in your Christian walk?

Melissa:  I was blessed to have amazing Christian women in my life.  My Mom has always been there to encourage me, my grandmothers, (especially Mamaw Amy), and my Aunt Vickie.  

Cheryl:  Are there any special prayer warriors God has placed in your life who have supported your ministry?  We would love to offer the opportunity for you to acknowledge them and express how much they mean to you

Melissa:  Yes! Leestown Gospel Church, Pastor Tim Jumpp, and my dear friends, Roger & Dianna Barkley, my long-time friend, David Frost, and my home church, Gray United Methodist, Pastor Dennis Flaugher, and Mary Scott (Mother Mary).  Anytime day or night (sometimes middle of the night) I have needed prayer, these folks have taken the time to stop what they were doing and pray for me and my family.  Many of them have driven hours just to come and pray with me!

Cheryl:  As you travel and work among Christian circles, what do you identify as being one of the most pressing needs among the body of Christ today?
Melissa:  Unity among the body of Christ!  We need to truly love one another and stop judging each other's differences.  

Cheryl:  What are some practical ways we can individually make a difference and meet those needs?

Melissa:  By recognizing that we are a "work in progress."  We say things like, "I'm not perfect, but can you believe so and so?" Really?! We have to stop looking at others to be our example.  God gave us the perfect example to follow, and His name is Jesus!  He LOVED the world so much, He gave His life for it!  If we truly walk in LOVE, God can change the world!

Cheryl:  What are some of your favorite hobbies and things to do during your time off?

Melissa:  I love to be in the mountains and on the water.  I love all sports and fishing!  There's only one thing better than fishing, and that's catching! lol

Cheryl:  How can readers find your music, learn about your upcoming singing dates, and get to know you better? 

Melissa:  My music is on ITunes, Apple Music, and all the major sites.  My singing schedule is on my website.

Cheryl:  What are your musical dreams going forward?

Melissa:  My "Pop" passed away in 2016 from a massive heart attack, and I made him a promise before he died to NEVER stop singing for the Lord!

Cheryl:  To the soul who is tired, discouraged, and ready to give up in defeat, what would you like to say?

Melissa:  God loves you!  He gave His son to die for you!  God IS real, and I have felt His presence many, many times throughout my life. No matter how dark the day is, He is right there with you if you just ask.  He will never leave you, nor forsake you!   

Cheryl:  How can we pray for you?

Melissa:  Pray that God will continue to open doors so I can continue to share His love.

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing with us here!

As everyone knows, musical artists are not able to hold concerts right now, and this is really impacting the income they are accustomed to bringing in.  

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  1. Melissa has a beautiful voice! I enjoyed reading her testimony.

  2. Wow! What a talented Christian woman who sets an inspirational example to all she meets. We need more folks like Melissa in this world.
    Blessings, Cheryl!

  3. Beautiful voice and a strong testimony of not perfect but forgiven wise hearted women. We lived for a while outside of Hazard, Ky., did our mission training there. Went to Letcher Baptist church, brother Bill Jones is the pastor. WE loved it in those mountains and found the people to be true to what ever they believed. You can't really fool those mountain people, and if they like you , you have a friend for life. I sing also, country, southern gospel so I fit right in with them and God used my voice to get us into many churches to share our missionary goals. We are still supported by a couple from that area. I enjoyed reading this.

  4. Melissa, what a beautiful voice and I enjoyed reading your story and getting to know you. Thanks Cheryl for your ministry through your blog my friend!