Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Love Story of Ed & Sherry

"Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass."
Psalm 37:5

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"The Love Story of Ed & Sherry"

"I Love My Life!" by Ed 

"In the Cuban Spanish Community, those who hold a special place in the heart of a person are often called “Mi Vida” (My Life). Therefore the old saying was born “Que Quiero Mi Vida.”

Nothing could have prepared me for that day almost 20+ years ago. Just before then, everything seemed to be going so well for me, at last, after so many years. I had a job that, although stressful, was a good long-lasting one. I also had what I thought was a blossoming relationship with a darling woman.

But the end was in sight, and with that, a new beginning that just continues to blow my mind at how much God loves me!

I had somehow involved myself in another temporary relationship while pursuing the woman of my dreams. Naturally this led to a series of falls, so basically everything was stripped from me. I not only lost my happiness and both of the women, but I also lost my job. Although it may seem tragic at first, God was getting ready to work in my life in a sweet, powerful, and long-lasting way.

I cried out to God the night it happened. I begged Him that if He didn’t make Himself known to me (not unlike Moses asking the Lord to show him His face), that I would end my life.

From somewhere a soft, gentle voice whispered in my ear, “Now that you are truly broken, now is when I will show you who I really am!” I wept so hard that moment, never knowing what was in store for me the next day and the years after that!

I recovered myself so I went back inside the house. The next morning I received an email from a Christian sister I had never meant before. It turns out she lived in a neighborhood just down the road from me. We corresponded back and forth a few times before actually meeting in person.

We set a time for the next day, meeting at a McDonald’s that was not too far from both of us. Now I had visited that same restaurant a few times before, and it was always a bit dark in there—the lighting was always off for some reason. But as I walked in this time, there was such a brilliant light. However the light wasn’t coming from the ceiling, or the wall, or even from outside—the light, the beautiful light was coming from her. It was like someone put a light in her body.

And that’s exactly what it was—God shining out from her.

I fell in love with her then, and 20 years later I am still in love with her. It may seem so strange to understand, but after longing for love for well over 34 years, without so much as a girlfriend in sight, God sent me an angel to be with me and to love me and guide me for the rest of my life.

Now I can truly say it’s been lovely and the wildest dream come true, and it has, but it’s also been hard and very stressful and just full of emotions and longings, because only a short few years after meeting this light in my life, she moved to another state, and seeing her face and hearing her voice has become a challenge.

But we are brother and sister, still in contact and I am still hoping and praying that we can embrace each other soon."

Thank you so much for sharing your and Sherry's beautiful love story with us, Ed!  May God continue to work in and through your relationship and bless the two of you with many more happy years!


  1. Oh, such a bittersweet love story! I do hope you all can be together in a forever way!
    Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing Ed and Sherry's story.

    1. Me, too, Martha! I hope things will work out for Ed & Sherry to be together, too. So bittersweet, as you said! Many blessings to you, too, my friend!

  2. I loved that Ed saw the beautiful light when he walked into the McDonalds! I hope this story has a wonderful ending someday.

    1. Yes, I thought that was so neat, too! I hope it has a wonderful ending, also. God is faithful!

  3. I will pray for this love story of Ed and Sherry that the Lord will allow all things to work together for good, according to His great purpose and plan!