Friday, August 4, 2017

When God Says Pray, & Why We Should Never Ignore That

"Pray without ceasing."
I Thessalonians 5:17

Before I begin this post, I wanted to ask you to please pray for the family of a young woman who was killed in a one-car traffic accident.
Her little 2-year old son was in the back, unhurt.
I can't imagine the pain in the hearts of this family, and I know they would greatly appreciate your prayers during this sad time.


This is the amazing, beautiful view outside the home of our nephew, David, and his wife, Stacie.
I could literally sit and take in this view for hours.
My eyes...and heart...are drawn to the far, distant hills, and to the God Who created them.

Those of you who have been reading Homespun Devotions for a while,
know that a little over five years ago, God called my mother home to Heaven.

Losing her, and Dad, nearly twelve years before her, has been beyond hard.
I will miss them forever.
Anyone who has lost their parent(s) can attest that there is nothing on earth that can fill that kind of void.

We never had much in the way of money or worldly wealth while I was growing up.
But, even though we struggled, financially, Mom and Dad possessed and passed on something to me that is greater than any monetary treasure they could have ever bestowed.

Mom and Dad taught me how to pray.

Prayer was observed as the first resource in our home.
Through their example, and by means of their normal behavior,
Mom and Dad never made prayer their last resort.
If one of us or another loved one was sick, we prayed.
If we were broke, we prayed.
If we needed food, we prayed.
If the car wouldn't start, we prayed.
When Dad's prospective employer was hesitant about hiring him, due to his health problems,
we prayed.
During the treacherous Ohio blizzard of 1978, we prayed.
If we couldn't pay a bill, we prayed.
We prayed about everything.
We went to hospitals and nursing homes, and we prayed...for people who were sick, lonely, and depressed.
We rarely missed Wednesday night "prayer meeting".
We gathered together in our living room, at the end of each day,
and we all three prayed an individual prayer out loud around our family altar.

I learned, early on, that circumstances were often rearranged when we would pray.
Mountains that seemed to be immovable were brought low and conquered.
It didn't take me long to realize that, within the life of a Christian,
prayer is not just a tool, it is a weapon that, when properly wielded,
will absolutely turn the tide.

Mom and Dad's prayerful influence and daily, consistent encouragement to pray
has had a lasting, permanent effect upon the person, wife, and mother I have become.
Prayer is an integral part of who I am.
It is woven through so many fibers of my being that, it seems,
 I hardly know when I stop praying and when I start up again.
God and I are having a conversation the biggest part of the time,
and prayer keeps me in close proximity to Him.
We seldom stop communicating....and even when we do stop talking,
it is there, in the back of my mind.
Always flowing...ongoing.
My prayer life is a precious thing to me, and I say that, not with haughtiness or boastfulness,
but with much love and respect for Jesus in my heart.

Now that I am married, thankfully to a man who also loves to pray,
Kevin and I endeavor to make our home a house of prayer.
In addition to individual prayers, we believe it is vitally important to have regular family worship...
the three of Mom, Dad, and I used to do.
A lot of "stuff" comes to the surface during those times of all three of us listening to each other
pray out loud.
One of my greatest desires, as a mother, has always been to ingrain a quality of prayer into the fiber of Zach.

The other night, it hit me how automatic prayer has become in our lives as a family.
Kevin had to work, and Zach and I were on our way to Bible Study.
We started listening to the radio, and all of a sudden I felt a strong sense of needing to pray.
So, I asked Zach if he minded, and, bless his heart, this boy who loves to pray about as much as his Mama, quickly turned the radio off.
He was all in.
We prayed...and prayed...and prayed...nearly the whole 40-45 minutes there.
If he needed to add something, he would pipe up and start praying,
and I would stop, then I would resume again when he was done, etc.
This is something that is happening more often, as Zach grows and matures.
I can't put into words how precious those times are to me.
Not only to have that beyond-dear time with this boy in prayer,
but to be reminded, once again, what a habitual and instinctive force prayer has become in our lives.

There is no way to measure the value and power of effectually and fervently
wielding the weapon of prayer.

If video doesn't load, click here.
Written by Charles & Ira Louvin

In the posts found herehere, and here, I have been talking about spiritual warfare and how important it is to memorize the Word of God, so our Sword stays steadily sharpened.
Prayer is also a vital component of God's strategy for us to win the ongoing battles in this spiritual war.

When the Apostle Paul wrote instructions concerning our need to put on the whole armor of God
in Ephesians 6:11-18, he put strong emphasis upon prayer, after he had named off several individual pieces of armor that we should put on.
In verse 18 he says this,
"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints..."

Jesus spent much time in prayer when He was on the earth,
even spending all night in prayer and rising very early so He could be alone to pray.

Wouldn't you have loved to hear some of the heart-wrenched prayers He prayed?
Every, single one of His prayers were fervent, and they were effectual.
I have no doubt.

Jesus Christ realized how valuable it was for Him to stay connected to His Father at all times.
Therefore, He took the necessary time to make sure He fit that communion into His day,
even if it meant giving up sleep, comfort, and ease.
It was just that important to Him.

Shouldn't it be to us?

"And He (Jesus) spake a parable unto them to this end,
that men ought always to pray, and not to faint..."
Luke 18:1

We've probably all seen the plaque at some point throughout life.
"Prayer Changes Things"
If I remember correctly, I think the first time I saw it was on my prayer-warrior Papaw's living room wall.
Papaw prayed more than anyone I have ever personally known.
Each morning, he rose early, in order to find time to spend interceding to God for his family,
the congregation he pastored, and the many needs presented to him by others.
Seeing that plaque on his wall is a vague memory, but the message stuck.

When my sister, Sandi, called and told me my niece, Kristen, who was expecting a baby and also suffering from a blood clot in her arm, had driven herself to the ER and collapsed after getting there, then found out a blood clot was in her lung, I'll admit that not just a "normal" fear, but full-blown terror gripped my heart.
And, what was astonishing to me, at the time, was that the night before this phone call, I had felt an overpowering, pressing burden to pray.
I remember telling Kevin and Zach that I needed to pray, and it needed to be NOW.
I didn't even know who or what exactly I was praying for.
I just knew that someone needed help that only God could provide, and it was imperative that I fervently pray.

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
James 5:16

Not that I am in any imaginable way righteous.
It is only through the precious blood of Christ that I have been redeemed.
It is HIS righteousness working in me that opens the opportunity for me to approach Him in prayer.

Kristen's situation was not the first time I had felt an overwhelming burden to fervently pray, even though I didn't know for whom or what I was to pray.
One other time, in particular, that will be forever embedded into my memory happened on the night of April 30th, 2016.
I remember telling Kevin and Zach that a burden that I could not seem to shake was upon me to pray.
I didn't have a clue who needed help or what was happening, but I knew, without a doubt, that someone desperately needed my prayers, and I should not procrastinate.
I remember that even after I prayed, I could not seem to find relief, and there was this nagging sense of needing to continue to pray.
It just wouldn't let up.
What I didn't know until my sister-in-law called was that just a few, short hours after the crushing heaviness in my spirit, a demonic-controlled, maniacal man, (animal seems more appropriate), would enter the apartment of my dear niece, Victoria, and she would die an agonizingly brutal and painful death, at his cruel and murderous hand.
(If you would like to read more, you can click on these links,
Prayers Needed For My Family,

I can't tell you the number of times I have wondered why my earnest prayers were not enough to protect Victoria or spare her life that night.
At some point in my wondering, God showed me that my prayers WERE heard, and that they were answered, too.
Our Lord was there, incredibly near to her during those final hours.
He was with her...comforting her, as she lay bleeding and dying, and He never left her side.
I will never know how many ways He answered my prayers that night.
Maybe, He lessened the intensity or duration of her agonizing death.
Perhaps, He shielded her from worse...if such a thing exists.

As I prayed, I did not know the reason for the heaviness in my spirit, but the Spirit of God knew,
and as I entered into that time of prayer, He carried my burden to the throne of grace in an intelligible way that God completely understood.
Later, it all became clear, and I found out who had needed that prayer.
He knew all along.

In these two situations, as in many, many other times throughout life, I have learned to trust that sense of burden that comes over me.
I have learned to drop whatever I am doing and fall to my knees when I feel that compelling call.
I have learned the meaning of Romans 8:26,
"Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

This kind of praying is not easy...
not knowing who or what we are praying for,
not even knowing why we are praying,
yet feeling such an intense burden for prayer.
Does anyone else ever feel the temptation to not put forth the energy and effort required for such intercession?

It is a temptation to which even the very disciples of Jesus Christ were not immune.

Jesus faced the most challenging, excruciating night of His life, and He needed support.
Not just moral support, but earnest prayerful support.
When He asked the three men in His inmost inner circle to pray for/with Him,
He came back a little while later only to find them asleep.
They could not seem to muster the stamina required to shake off their drowsiness and intercede on behalf of the One who would soon lay down His life for them.
As a result, Jesus lacked support when He needed it most.
And, as a result, they lacked the necessary personal fortitude to remain faithful to their profession of faith when faced with the threat of persecution.

Sometimes, it would be easier to succumb to the pleasantry of letting someone else do the heavy lifting when it comes to entering into intercessory prayer.
But, I have learned to pay take heed...when I feel an inward prompting to pray.
I have learned that there is always good reason behind a nudge from the Holy Spirit.
I have learned that if I fail to pray, something, or more importantly, someone, could suffer for my disobedience and negligence.

Mom used to often tell me that "prayer is a long-range weapon".
It reaches as far as it needs to, and even when I cannot be there in person to show support,
I can pray...even when I don't know exactly who needs those prayers.

God is always listening for the prayers of His people.
"For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers..."
I Peter 3:12

He invites us to approach His throne when we are in need.
"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."
Hebrews 4:16

There are times a special burden for prayer is placed upon the heart of a burden-bearer.
When we feel called to such a task, it is of vital importance that we push through the temptation to ignore such a call, regardless of personal cost.
So much is riding on our faithfulness.
God help us to rise to the challenge and be the prayer warriors that He and our loved ones need us to be!

We may never know or realize the scope of the effectiveness of our prayers on earth, 
but I am deeply comforted by the vision John saw and described in Revelation 8:3,4,
"And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.  And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand."

Your prayers and intercessions count, my friend!
They are being carried to the throne of God by the hands of angels!
Don't ever give up on producing your cause before God through the channel of prayer.
"Produce your cause, saith the LORD; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob."
Isaiah 41:21

May we ever be mindful of those God-sent urges to pray.
May we press through our weariness, fatigue, and temptation to give up, and
pray on!

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  1. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself in this post Cheryl. It is beautiful and your life is beautiful. I am so thankful that you had parents that not only taught you how to pray, but also showed you how to live it. I know you have prayed for me and I want you to realize how much it means to me that you were willing to lift me before the throne of God for healing. Thank you my sweet friend. I truly believe that the ministry of prayer is more important than anything else we can do.

    1. Dear Betsy! You are such a precious friend and encourager to me. I am so grateful for my dear parents, too, and the for their constant instruction to pray. Oh, I do miss them! Dear friend, I surely do pray for you often and trust Jesus to heal you completely and allow you to enjoy your sweet family for many, many years. May God bless you always for the precious blessing you are to me and so many others.

  2. Hi Cheryl.... Just letting you know that I have nominated you for the 2017 Blogger Recognition Award. You will find it here at . Hope it blesses you as it has blessed me.
    God bless,

    1. Oh, Tracy! Thank you ever so much for your dear heart and for this nomination! I responded at your site, and I just want to thank you once again for this. I feel so honored. I want to apologize for not being able to follow through on my end, at this time, as I am extremely overwhelmed with many things, at the moment. Even though I can't complete my part, your kindness does not escape me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless you for thinking of me and for the blessing you are!

  3. Oh, I like your mom's words: "Prayer is a long range weapon." She left behind the most important legacy, prayer, and look at the fruit of it...your family, very impressive. Prayer is our life's breath when it comes to hurdles or anything. I am thankful for your prayers for me and my family and I know that you know how to pray!!! Abbey's baby shower is coming up this month and I hope to have pictures to send to you. Love you, friend.

    1. Yes, dear friend, my dear Mom surely did leave behind the most important legacy. I will never forget her faithful prayers and the many times I have called her during the night for prayer, and I would feel so bad that I had awoken her, and she would say, "Oh, you didn't wake me up, honey. I was just laying her praying." I surely am praying for you and Tom and dear Abbey and Amy, too. I am STILL believing that God will send Amy a baby, and I am trusting Him to bless Abbey with a healthy, perfect baby. I can't wait to see the pictures of her baby shower. Thank you so much for including me! Love you so much, too. May God bless you and your precious family!

  4. What a gift and blessing God has given you and your family. What a wonderful thing to talk and be led in His spirit,.

    Your mom's quote, "Prayer is a long range weapon", is going to stick with me too! It is the most powerful tool in all of creation since He is the Creator!

    Now and then I'll ask one of my girls to pray before dinner, usually said by me. To hear them talk to our Father brings a wonderful peace and assurance over me. I get you, sister.

    1. Yes, amen, and amen, brother! I am so thankful Mom's quote will stick with you. You are so right...prayer is the most powerful tool in all creation. That is so precious how your dear girls pray with you. I know you completely understand. God bless you abundantly for the dear blessing you are to my family and me.

  5. I think we just shouldn't ignore that urge to PRAY...even when we don't know specifically what we are praying for--just knowing that we are supposed to pray. I remember when my kids were teenagers and going somewhere I would pray that they were hedged with angels and I am sure that happened on more than one occasion. Now I pray that for my grandkids.

    Hope you have a blessed, peaceful weekend, Cheryl. xo Diana

    1. Amen, sweet sister...we should never ignore it. I do believe God is keeping your dear children and grandchildren under a blanket of protection because of their sweet mama's continual prayers. Sending much love and many blessings to you, my friend.

  6. This was a wonderful explanation of your heritage, and your strong prayer life now. Thank you for sharing it. I feel like I understand you better. Hugs to you. Praying for those in your life now as I hit send.

    1. Aww...I am so thankful for your visit and sweet words, dear friend. Sending hugs to you, too, and many, many prayers for God to heal you completely, bring you through this terrible ordeal, restore abundant health to your body, and bless you with many, many more years of quality life with your sweet family. Much love to you!

  7. Having been in intercessory prayer many times, and seeing many miracles wrought by the hand of God while I prayed, and because I prayed, I understand so deeply the powerful message of your post. Prayer is one thing, but intercessory prayer is whole new level of prayer that once you have been in that place, you realize what a powerful tool it is in your walk as a disciple of the Lord. I have dropped things too, just to pray, because I know the voice of the Lord calling, and I must heed the call. I am so thankful for this "long range weapon" that your mother termed prayer, what a wonderful thing it is to know that we can - through prayer - be a tool through which the Lord can move through and accomplish His will and plan. What a wonderful thing your parents did, to teach you to pray at a young age, and to have a husband and son who also know how to pray, what a tremendous blessing this is! I was very encouraged to read this post, my friend, and so thankful for those precious times of prayer that have changed my life forever. Obedience is a must... even when it is not convenient, to fall on our knees in prayer. Love and hugs to you tonight dear friend, what a blessing and encouragement your writing always is :)

    1. Oh, thank you so much, my friend! Dear Mom and Dad left something more precious than words...I have looked back and seen that so many times, through the viewpoint of an adult who now sees the immeasurable value of fervent prayer. I so appreciate your kind words and sweet visit and the encouragement you are to me. Sending much love and many hugs back to you, dear friend!! God bless you always!

  8. Important post for me to read, because I'm a do-er who wants to take action when things go awry, and even after all these years and the Lord's patient instruction, my first instinct is still in that direction. So important to go to our knees at the Lord's command.

    1. Oh, my, I surely know what you mean, dear Michele! So many times we are tempted (and succumb to that temptation, sadly) to take things into our own hands, aren't we? When all along, our dear Lord has it all under His control. I am so ashamed to say that many times I have walked ahead of Him and tried to untangle things on my own, only to make a bigger mess for HIM to have to clean up. How I must frustrate Him! Thank you for your visit and thoughts. God bless you, my friend.

  9. First, thank you for asking for prayer for the family of the young woman who was killed. I attended her celebration of life service and was impressed by the testimonies given by those who knew her well. She had a strong faith that touched many people. I talked to the grandmother of her little boy, and she said he is experiencing nightmares. We pray that ends soon. I do understand the power of intercessory prayer. I have seen miracles from such prayer. I also have seen God answer in a way that is hard to understand, as was the case with your Victoria. It's during those times that our faith is sorely tested. It's encouraging to read how you've come to terms with such a tragedy. You are a precious woman of God, living each day by faith in a God that you know loves His children and wants only the best for them. The enemy tries to convince us this is not true, so we shield ourselves with the armor the Holy Spirit has provided and battle on. Some day our questions will be answered when we at last see our Savior face to face. Somehow, though, I doubt that we will even care about the questions we had. We'll be so enamored with our Beloved. Hugs, sweet friend. ~ Nancy

    1. Oh, sweet friend! I am so thankful to share the request, and I feel so bad that it took so long. They will need much prayer for a very long time, no doubt. That dear, little boy! I am SO sorry he is having nightmares! And probably missing his Mommy so much! Oh, my heart goes out to that dear child and all the family! Thank you ever so much for the thoughts you shared here on prayer. Yes, dear friend, one day it will all be made known, but like you said, it surely won't matter to us when we are there with our dear Jesus for eternity! Sending hugs and much love back to you. You are such a dear blessing to me!

  10. Thanks for sharing these encouraging words. Prayer is a wonderful thing; it's awesome that we have an omniscient God who hears us and answers our prayers!

    1. Oh, how true, Bethany! Amen, to all you said, sweet friend. God bless you. :)

  11. Dear Cheryl,
    Oh I am so blessed and thankful for the Godly heritage that you have, and that I also have. My parents encouraged me to pray, and I prayed right through that same (Ohio) blizzard of 78 in Indiana, where my husband-to-be was suffering from an allergic reaction to antibiotics for Mono! God intervened and opened his clogged airways, demonstrating to his unbelieving Father the power of God's Hand. And while it took decades before his Father would surrender his heart to the Lord, God later answered the prayers of our own children as they joined in the prayer to see their Grandpa come to Jesus before he died. What sweet memories of God's Faithfulness you have stirred up tonight, my dear friend! Thank you for sharing from your heart, about the heart of our Lord. Blessings, Love, and Hugs to you!

    1. Dear Betty! I am so thankful you and I both share such a Godly heritage, and that is just amazing that you were praying through that same blizzard! We have more in common than we thought, sweet friend. :) I am so thankful this post stirred up such wonderful memories of God's faithfulness to you throughout life. He is with you still!

  12. Praying for the family you mention; as well as for you and yours.

    God bless.

  13. Hi Sweet Friend! It's good to be back and reading your precious blog!

    I was so sorry to read about this young woman who died tragically while her 2 year old son was in the back. This story broke my heart and I lifted the situation to our Great God and Father.

    How blessed you were to have been left such a legacy of prayer and to see it carried out in your own life all Glory to God.

    Your testimonies of needing to pray and later finding out why is strong encouragement to always pray when the Holy Spirit prompts and I LOVED your mom's saying that "prayer is a like a long range missile". Indeed!

    I always find so much encouragement and edification when I visit here. The Lord is using you mightily through this blog.

    Sending you much love and gratitude.

    1. Oh, I was so sorry to hear of this tragedy, also. That dear family! You are such a dear blessing to me, and your words of encouragement bring great comfort and give me courage to keep pressing on...both for the Lord and for this blog. Sending much love and gratitude back to you, dear friend!

  14. Cheryl. prayer ..oh my , how do we live with out prayer? God is so loving and caring and talking to our Father is just a pleasure.. He loves us so much and I love Him.
    Will pray for the lady in the wreck, that God will be with the family and this little 2 yr old. May they feel His loving arms around them, as never before..
    Hugs my friend.

    1. Thank you ever so much, my friend! It was so wonderful to see that you had stopped by. Your visits are always a blessing and bright spot. So thankful for you and your support! God bless you.

  15. What a wonderful lesson your dear parents taught you, Cheryl. I was so very sorry to read of what happened to your precious niece, Victoria. Prayers will be lifted for the little two year old that was left unhurt, and for the family. Thank you for your interceding prayers, my friend.

    1. Oh, thank you, dear Kitty! We miss Victoria so much, and it was one of the most heart-wrenching, hard things my dear family has gone through. We will never understand why things like this happen. I am praying for you, and I am trusting God to lift every burden from your heart. Sending hugs and love to you today!!

  16. Cheryl, I am so sorry to hear about this tragedy.Breaks my heart. When we can't understand God's logic we must trust His wisdom. Those have been some wise words that I read once and have stuck with me. I cannot imagine not being able to pray Cheryl. The fact that we can pray is a pure gift from God. God called me many years ago to be a prayer warrior and I will be honest, sometimes, over the past years, I have asked Him to take the burden of this gift from me. I know that sounds crazy but a prayer warrior knows what I mean. But all in all, I cannot imagine what my life would be like without the power of prayer. I praise Him. Even when I can't muster the words to pray I know that is when the Holy Spirit takes over for me. Enjoyed this post today and praying for that family right now and for God to tenderly love on this family so much so that they will see Him every step of the way. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Dear friend! I left a comment at your blog, but you will never know how much you blessed me by your words. I know you are a prayer warrior, and you surely know the weight that a calling such as this brings. God help us to always push through and rise to the challenges in prayer that are presented to us and see them as opportunities to enrich the lives of others and make a positive, lasting difference in our time. Many hugs and blessings back to you, dear Cindy!

  17. It is so heart-breaking to hear the news of death, be it someone known or unknown. But God is always near, and I love the way He by His Spirit nudges us to pray when His intervention is needed.
    The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasized and prayer is to our spirits and in fact, entire life, what breadth is to our lungs.
    May we never stop praying...
    God comfort and strengthen you and this precious family Cheryl. God bless you!

    1. Yes, the dear Lord is always near to those who are broken. Thank you for your precious, loving words, my faithful friend. God bless you and your family abundantly!

  18. Hi Cheryl, that is a very powerful message. Prayer is so important, God is definitely using you. I will pray for the family of the girl that was killed - how tragic for them.

    1. I am humbled and blessed by your sweet words, Kelly. Thank you ever so much, and may God bless you, my friend.

  19. Hi Cheryl,
    Your sweet words on my blog tonight warmed my heart! :) I love your prayerful heart and the atmosphere of prayer you create for your family - -what a gift your parents gave you and one that you are passing on to your son! Prayer is such a mystery although studying it in the Bible, we see over and over again that prayer matters. Thank you for sharing these thoughts about its importance and encouraging us all to create a habit of prayer in our lives! xoxo

    1. Oh, thank you, dear Valerie! I know God has amazing things in store for you, and you are going to be so blessed! Sending much love and gratitude to you for the sweet encouragement you consistently are to me.

  20. Thank you for encouraging me to pray through this post.God bless your family and ministry.

    1. Thank you, sweet sister, and I trust He will bless you, also. It was so nice to meet you today and hope you will visit again!

  21. Thank you for the reminder to pray. I am sitting her upset for something that just happened. We were scammed out of lots of money. I need to stop and pray. Thank you!

    1. Oh, bless your heart, Maree! I trust the Lord will comfort you and smooth everything out and give you His peace. I can surely understand. We had to go through a horrific identity theft situation in 2015 that just totally shook us. It was awful. I am praying for you right now and sending you lots of love and hugs! God WILL see you through this!!! I promise.

  22. God wouldn't have told us to pray if it won't work for us. Beautiful words. Happy weekend!

    1. Amen, sweet sister. It is always such a bright spot to see that you have stopped by. Sending love and hugs your way, and trusting you have a happy weekend, too!

  23. Love you, praying sister! Shared this with my online prayer group. Hugs

    1. Oh, thank you ever so much, sweet friend. Love you, too!!!!

  24. This is such a powerful post on the power of prayer, and very uplifting also. Praying without ceasing is a great state of mind we all should have as our goal.

    1. Thank you AnnMarie! It was so nice to see that you had stopped by. God bless you!

  25. Thank you for your honesty and boldness and sharing this. It takes courage to be this honest about what we feel and think to a judgmental world. Prayers are really important. It's powerful.

    1. Thank you, Lux...sometimes the dear Lord requires me to be more transparent than I am comfortable with. He continually stretches me, but that is the only way we can grow, right? I so enjoy your visits and thank you for your encouragement, sweet friend. God bless you!

  26. God hears and answers prayers whether they be a whisper, or energy spent in travail. Thank you for your lovely post reminding us to pray and especially pray when the burden is placed in our spirit for someone.

    1. Thank you, Hazel, for your visit and kind words. It was so nice to have you visit! God bless you.

  27. A very powerful post, sister friend.
    thank you so much for prayers for my family and myself. we are ok..just miss him so much..

    1. Dear friend! Oh, my heart aches for you...the dear Lord brings you to my mind, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to pray for you and your dear family. I know you miss him so much. May God wrap His loving arms around you and hold you close in every moment of grief. Sending much love and many hugs to you.

  28. Thank you Cheryl for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. In this life both bad and good things happen to us every day. As we learn to let go of the past and reach out to the future, we will experience peace instead of the dread that holds us as we refuse to let go.

    1. Thank you, sweet friend. I appreciate you so much!

  29. Powerful post, Cheryl. This post reminds me of my mom. She was a prayer warrior and instilled in me a love for prayer also. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Aww..bless your heart, Bernadine. I know you miss her so much. We are both so blessed to have had the mothers we did. They taught us how to live and how to live of prayer. Thank you for this sweet is always a blessing to see that you have visited. God bless you.