Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prayer & Fasting Reminder for TODAY, October 29th, & A SPECIAL MESSAGE from Makeya & Max's Grandmother, Shiela!!

"And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it;
or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it."
I Corinthians 12:26

One of the most comforting things about being a member of Christ's earthly body
is the wonderful way we, as members, care for one another.
The love that flows from heart to heart, even between those who have never met face-to-face,
is one of the sweetest, most amazing things to behold.

So many of you have poured your hearts into praying for the needs 
that have been mentioned here at Homespun Devotions, and some have even gone a step farther,
by laying aside food to add fasting to your prayers.
I love the way we all come together when there is a need.
I love the way it all works.

Jesus said, 
"By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, 
if ye have love one to another."
John 13:35

The proof is in the love.
When one member suffers, the other members automatically suffer, too.
When one heart houses the love and Spirit of God, 
the needs and pain of other hearts cannot be ignored.

It is like smashing a finger, while using a hammer.
Ever notice how quickly everything else is shut down,
the opposite hand rushes to hold the smashed finger,
and the pain is felt from head to toe?
All of the other members suffer when one member suffers.

So it works in the universal, worldwide, undivided-by-labels-and-factions
body of Jesus Christ.

The love of God is a compelling force.
When Jesus was here, He never overlooked a single need.
He was often "moved with compassion".
When He is on board, in our hearts, we, too, are moved with compassion
for the needs and hurts of others.

"Compassion that moves" causes us to lay aside selfish endeavors for the sake and good of others.

A few days ago, I mentioned that we were calling for two specific fasting and prayer days...
last Wednesday, October 22nd and tomorrow, Wednesday, October 29th.

I just wanted to remind everyone to prayerfully consider if God would have you to participate,
and I also wanted to share some updates, 
so we all know how to pray specifically, as we fast.

There are several pressing needs listed, and so many more that are not listed.
God is doing amazing things, and we are looking for even greater things to happen,
as we obediently pray and seek His face and add fasting to our prayers.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order.....

Baby Obed

Have you ever seen anything cuter or more precious than this picture??
Those beautiful, blue eyes, and that beautiful smile!
What a cutie! 

And just listen to what God has been doing for this little guy!

Here is the latest update from Obed's Daddy, Travis....

"Lately, we've been trying to focus on him gaining more weight.  
About three weeks ago the cardiologist told us that if he doesn't gain weight over the next two weeks, we'd have to discuss putting a feeding tube in 
(which I guess is pretty common in children with similar heart conditions).  
I'll admit that feeling of fear rose up, and we quickly remembered God loves us and has been with us from the beginning-never forsaking us.  
(This journey has taught us that biblical foundations are vitally important 
when we're in our deepest need of help and hope.)  
I'm happy to report that Obed exceeded their expectations of 1/2 oz/day and gained 3/4 oz/day during those two weeks!  
The cardiologist was very thrilled to see his weight gain.  
So much so, she said she would see us in "THREE" weeks. 
Since his birth, 7.15.14, we've been seeing her at least once every two weeks.  
The in-home nurse will continue coming weekly to check his weight."

Do you see the pattern here?
Every time things start looking bad for little Obed Jeremiah,
God comes on the scene just in time!
Praise His holy name for ALL He is doing for this precious, little one
who is prophesying to the nations, proclaiming the awesome power of GOD!

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Jimmy Neff 

I am sad to say that Jimmy's condition continues to deteriorate.
He is now beginning to experience more difficult symptoms,
and is in much need of prayer.
Please do continue to pray for him, his mother (my sister-in-law, Dorothy), his step-father (my brother, David), his three siblings, David, Naomi, and Melissa, and all other family members, and loved ones as they walk through these dark days.
We know God can still heal him, if it is His will.
There is nothing too hard for our GOD!

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Connie Flanders

I am SO thankful to report that God is doing amazing things for Connie, 
and she is AWAKE and IMPROVING every day!
My sweet friend and fellow-blogger/prayer warrior, Chris Thompson, went to see her on Saturday,
and she told Connie about the outpouring of love and prayers for her.
Connie was so blessed and touched by it all!
We are believing God to completely raise her up from this affliction
and restore her to perfect health.
Please keep praying!

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Lauren Hill

19 year old, Lauren Hill, is still in desperate need of a Divine-intervention miracle.
By God's strength, she plans to don her #22 basketball jersey
and play one more time on November 2nd.

To understand her story, please click HERE and HERE to watch news clips 
and interviews with Lauren.
Her strength and sweet spirit is so inspiring.

Also, if you would like to hear about what this dear girl is doing to help cancer research,
click HERE.

PLEASE pray for the miracle Lauren needs.
There is no doubt that God is able to do this.
And pray for her mother, Lisa, her father, Brent, her brother, Nate, and her sister, Erin.

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and 2nd POST.)

Makeya and Max Brown 

God is still doing amazing things for these two precious children.

Makeya went to her first day of temporary school yesterday!!
I spoke with her Daddy, Steven this evening, and he said she loved it!!!

And little Mr. Max went outdoors!!

Just look at how far GOD has brought these two little ones since their lowest point on August 2nd!!

Let's keep praying, dear friends!
God is listening!!

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I wanted to set aside a spot for this special message from Makeya's and Max's grandmother, Shiela.

Hello, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Shiela.  I am the mother of Shyla and the grandmother of Makeya, Quinton, Max, and Neveya.  I do not want to leave Steven out, he is my son-in-law.  I would personally like to THANK each and every one of you who have prayed for my family and who continue to pray, for the cards you have sent, the gifts, and most of all, the love that we have felt from everyone from all over.  The gifts that have been sent, we know the LORD was in them.  This is something I would like to share with you.  There was a family form New York that sent each child a home-made stuffed animal.  They also sent one in memory of our little Quinton.  This was a whale, and the print of the material had turtles on it.  “Turtle” was Shyla’s nickname when she was a baby.  So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This meant a lot to us.  There were a lot of packages that were sent, and I will not mention anyone’s name but you will know who you are.  They had a package that came from California that consisted of gifts for every one of them.  My daughter, Shyla, is reading the kids’ devotional Bible to them every day.  But, there was a book in there that they sent Shyla, called “Is Heaven Real?”.  (YES, IT IS.)  This book is in the gift shop at the hospital, and Shyla has been wanting to get it, but it cost too much, so she kept putting it off.  So, I count this as another gift from GOD.  I just want everyone to know how much we are THANKFUL for all of your PRAYERS and the love that you have shown us."

And, here is a video from Shyla of little Max doing his therapy.
Watch closely to see him blow his Mommy, Shyla, a kiss!!
What a little sweetheart!!

God bless these precious little ones....
I am looking for the day I hear they are WALKING AGAIN.
I believe it will happen, in Jesus' name!!

Jimmie Mae Norton

Another praise report!!
Jimmie Mae is being healed of the hematoma, and she is improving.
Please continue to keep her in your prayers for complete healing.

(For previous post about Jimmie Mae, click HERE.)
Cheryl Norton

Cheryl is due to have her first baby in December, and she is suffering from kidney stones.
Please continue to pray for her!

(To read previous post about Cheryl, click HERE.)
Please pray for my sister, Debbie Dennis, who has a very urgent unspoken request.

Pray for my niece, Victoria Baird, who is to undergo exploratory surgery on Thursday.

Pray for Pastor Ron Cavin's family.
Bro. Ron passed away somewhat suddenly,
after a brief illness.
His death leaves his family and congregation devastated.
Please pray for wisdom as a new pastor is selected.

Pray for my uncle John McCoy, who is suffering from a long-term battle with bone cancer.

Pray for my nephew, Shawn Baird, who is suffering from C.O.P.D.
and is awaiting a double lung transplant.

So many pressing needs.
Such a big, awesome, Almighty God!

Please join me in praying, and if you feel led to lay aside one or more meals tomorrow for these needs, it will surely be most appreciated!

God bless each one who is willing to bear the burdens of others.
Galatians 6:2,
"Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."


  1. Whoops, I thought last Friday was the second day. I guess I fasted an extra day! lol I am really thankful to hear the good news and will continue to pray for everyone listed here. Thanks SO much for this. :)

    1. Oh, bless your dear heart! Well, your extra effort may be what moved the dear Lord on His throne and changed the situation for some of these hurting people. You are such a faithful prayer warrior and encourager to me. God bless you!!

  2. Praise God! I needed to hear these updates. God comes through just in time! I am looking forward to tomorrow! God is hearing and working.
    Love ya

    1. YES, He surely does! It makes me think of that song, "Down the road, here comes Jesus, right on time!" Praise His name. Sometimes, He allows things to get to a desperate state, but He is never too late. Just look at Lazarus! He was dead four days, but when He came on the scene, death had to LEAVE!!!! He is going to heal Connie and raise her up, and He is going to do great things as a result of our prayers. Keep encouraged, dear friend. God is listening! Love you!

  3. Update: 10-29-14
    Connie was in severe pain before the surgeon took her back to drain off the fluid. He also had to remove an air bubble that was near a tear in the lining around her stomach. This does not mean that she has a tear in her stomach. It is a tear in the lining that surrounds her stomach, and the doctor is almost certain that it will heal on its own now. The fluid was full of infection. She is on a couple of antibiotics, and her blood work shows that the antibiotics are working. A few hours after the procedure, she was feeling much better! She even had something to eat!! Praise God! What a difference a day makes. I knew that it was the enemy trying to attack her and her husband's faith, but the Great Physician had already told her that it was time for her to get up!
    I can't wait to hear more praise reports for all these prayer requests!
    Praise Jehovah Rapha! ~The Lord that heals~

    1. Yes, praise His wonderful name!!!!! Oh, this is wonderful news! I just believe this set-back has been an imposition of satan, and he is a loser. Jesus conquered death, hell, the grave, and satan when He came out of that tomb! Death is subject to Him. I just believe He is going to bring Connie through, in spite of all satan flings in her direction. Yes, what a difference a day makes...especially when that day consists of His people banding together in a unified fast and prayer!! To God be the glory!

  4. Oh Cheryl, what a darling picture of Baby Obed!! What a cutie! I continue to pray for all these dear faces and for the stories their faces represent. I pray for them and for the family that surrounds them. Thank you for being so faithful to bring these requests before us, so that we in turn can bring them before the Lord. God is at work. He will do the perfect good in each of these lives. And we can trust Him...


    (Max looks like an adorable scamp! Precious boy.)

    1. I know what you mean...every time I look at this picture, I HAVE to smile, no matter what. He is a little, living doll...a living miracle of the amazing, awesome power of GOD!! Thank you so much for praying and carrying a consistent burden for these dear ones and their needs. God is surely hearing and answering those prayers. He is working, dear friend! Yes, Max is a little doll, too....seeing him and all God is doing in his little life makes me tear up and want to just pick him up and hug him tight. Bless his little heart...so precious. God bless you...much love to you. :) I am praying for you.


    1. I love you, too, Denise, and so appreciate your prayers. Please know that I am praying for you, too, and am so sorry you are suffering so much. God is able, dear friend!

  6. Cheryl---Just sending my prayers and my hope that you're having a blessed, fruitful Sunday. And you'll never really know how very fruitful your sweet words and prayers are.


    1. Oh, bless your dear heart, Rachel! Your words brought tears to my eyes. How precious they were to me today! God bless you and keep you, sweet friend. :)

  7. I just read a news article about Lauren! She did play, and what an inspiration she is. Still praying for a miracle...


    1. YES, isn't she though? I watched some of her game. What an amazing moment in her life! I am still praying, also. Much love to you, sweet friend. Praying for YOU, too. :)