Friday, April 4, 2014

Introducing...(drumroll please!)...THE TITUS 2 SERIES !!!

"The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness,
 not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
That they may teach the young women to be sober,
to love their husbands, to love their children,
To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, 

good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."
Titus 2:3-5

Spring has sprung around our house!
It is beautiful!
The cherry tree, once again, blooms its lovely white with tiny specks of pale pink.

The maple tree out front blooms beyond it near the road.

This is the view from our top porch step standing outside our front door

Yesterday, I went outside, stood under the cherry tree,
listened to the humming of the many bees that swarmed in and around it,
and I took this picture while looking up at the sky between its branches.

Turning my face Heavenward always evokes praise to God from the depths of my soul.
How could anyone ever see this beauty...
feel the emotions that accompany these sights...
and still declare that there is no God?
He is so real...not only in creation and all I see...
but deep inside my heart.
He is there.
He is the most real part of my life.

How I thank Him for the promise of spring, and for its fulfillment.
I am more grateful to see the springtime this year than I have ever been before.
God has taught me a new appreciation for the little, taken-for-granted things...
like breathing...
and swallowing....
and moving without pain.

Though I still fight some of the residual problems and after-effects the winter season brought,
I am doing so much better now!
I am grateful beyond words and so thankful that He understands the gratitude language of my heart.

Today, Kevin, Zach, and I were outside, when all at once Kevin said,
"Oh, look!  The first rose of the season!"
It is blooming on one of the rose bushes he bought for me and planted in the flower garden out front.
Zach took this neat picture of it.

I feel a sense of renewed life.
And along with the new season comes a burden upon my heart for a fresh new series.

The Titus 2 commission given to older women has been weighing heavily upon my mind.
I can't seem to get away from it.
I have tried to compose blog posts in the past few days that have nothing to do with this,
and I have been stymied at every attempt.
The writing has felt flat and uninspired and lacking anointing.
I am keenly aware that without Jesus I can do nothing.
Nor would I even want to try.
For He is the Source...of my everything...
my life, my breath, my joy, my peace, my inspiration, my all.
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being..."  Acts 17:28

I mentioned at the end of the post entitled "Eleven Ways To Bless Your Husband
that I wondered if this would become a series, remember?
God seems to be leading that way.
I am calling it "The Titus 2 Series".
It is simply a sharing of what I have gleaned 
throughout 47 years of living life,
37 years of following Jesus,
nearly 26 years of marriage,
and 13 years of being a mama.
It will include several devotional posts,
that will address topics like
marriage issues,
household management and homemaking tips,
de-cluttering and/or organizing,
aging parents,
and everyday, practical tips for Godly, Christian living.

All of this is pretty much what you already read and have come to expect from Homespun Devotions.
So, what is different about this new Titus 2 Series, you ask?

It's the "eleven" thing!
Lists of eleven.
Everyone loves lists, right?
Specific ways to apply wisdom.
Somehow it helps to have a breakdown of exact ways to do certain things.
Each post in "The Titus 2 Series" will contain a list of eleven ways 
to utilize the advice related to the subject being discussed.

Why eleven, you ask?
I can't really say for sure.
Perhaps it is because we were married on the 11th day of June,
and/or for some reason, the lists just come to my mind in groups of eleven!

Some of what you can expect will be post titles such as....
eleven secrets for a better and happier marriage,
eleven ways to strengthen your relationship and connect with your child(ren),
eleven ways to live a more spiritual life,
eleven tips to de-clutter and organize your home,
eleven ways to cope with losing a parent,
eleven things you should understand about grief,
eleven key things to remember during infertility struggles,
eleven things you need to know about loving who you are,
eleven requirements for restoring a broken relationship,
eleven things to remember when reversing roles with parents,
eleven benefits to homeschooling your child(ren),
eleven elements of a peaceful home,
eleven favorite dessert recipes,

eleven ways to obey and carry out Matthew 25:31-46,
give or take....just to name some of the many ideas swirling around in my head!

I am not sure yet if these Titus 2 posts will be posted consecutively or at random...
it all depends on how the Lord leads.
I never want to try to put God in a box,
and I want Him to always have the freedom to exercise His perfect will.
If I commit to doing these consecutively,
and then in the midst of them He gives me entirely different subject matter to write about,
I will feel bound to my commitment, which will, in turn, bind Him and His perfect timing.

So, I will just leave the door wide open to Him...and we will see how He directs.  :)
His way is always best,
He knows what each reader needs to hear...and when they need to hear it,
and only He can see the whole picture.

I think we all have different things to offer during different seasons of life.
We learn as we go.
God designed and planned for us to pass that learning on to those who come after us...
and sometimes, those who go before us, too.
It isn't always the older ones who teach the younger.
Can I tell you how many times I have learned profound lessons from a certain, little fellow in our home?
Zachary spews forth wisdom that literally stops me in my tracks all the time.
I feel like I learn way more than I ever teach around here.  :)

As God leads, I hope you enjoy the upcoming series.
I hope out of all of it, you can glean at least a small dose of new wisdom, insight, inspiration,
and most of all...encouragement.
To love God...and your husband (if married)...and child(ren)...even more than you do right now.
To take a renewed, loving interest in the home you are building with your family day by day.

To reach out to kindness, love, and mercy.
To deal courageously with the issues that face every one of us in everyday life.
To keep the faith and stay the course...even in the hard times.
May Jesus shine through in new and wonderful ways.
And may you be encouraged and blessed.


  1. I am so glad that I encountered your blog. Although you write very long post, every words and details are precious and I just can feel God's presence from your writings.
    Continue what you are doing. It is a blessing for many including me!

    1. Oh, Joy! It was so nice to have you stop by today. Thank you ever so much for your kind words to me...I needed them. You are a blessing to me, too. :) I trust all is well with you.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful! So thankful to be a part of your ministry - Thanks for ministering to me :)

    1. Thanks, Caroline! So thankful to have you in my life. :) God bless you!