Saturday, February 2, 2013

Telling God It's His

"Be careful for nothing;
but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving 
let your requests be made known unto God."
Philippians 4:6

There is that moment of submission...
in prayer...
where one reaches the point of total surrender.
Where the desires of self,
the tangled messes of life,
and the ambitions contrary to the will of God,
are completely laid to rest.
Without reserve.

We struggle until we get there.
The continual inward tug-of-war robs our peace.
Calm cannot be found.
Until we turn it over.
Until we say,
"Here, God, it's Yours."

There were three peace-thieves, busy at work,
robbing my inward calm
during my time with the Lord today.
I was praying...
seeking His face...
with all my heart.
I was telling God all about the three things
that were troubling me.
All three of them are perplexing.
Hard to figure out.

I have surmised over them over and over and over.
Thought of possible scenarios.
Asked Kevin's opinion and advice.
Wondered ceaselessly as to why certain situations
are the way they are.
Even together, we have, thus far, found no answers.
Hidden mystery prevails.
I realized this morning that to continue to try to figure them out
will only perpetuate my anxiety 
and continue to foster a realm of chaos....
in my inward spirit.

The Apostle Paul told us in today's passage of Scripture
to not be anxious...
about anything.

The word "careful" here literally means anxious 
or "full of care".

God always sees what is happening....
on both sides of the fence....
no matter how thick or high its constitution.
He is bigger.
He is above all.
He sees the end from the beginning...
and all in-between.
So, it must be quite frustrating...
to God...
to see the way we labor...
and are heavy-laden...
over so many things...
that He has already worked out.

God won't wrench worries from our grasp.
He won't force us to relinquish our distress and uneasiness.
He allows us to own our anxiety...
for as long as we choose to.
He will not override the free will He has placed within us.
In the beginning,
during the creation of the first man and woman,
God made the decision to bestow upon humanity the irrevocable gift
of the freedom to choose...
to do as we will.

It is a line He will not cross.

He longs for us to come to Him....
His desire is for us to surrender...
To rid ourselves of the things that make us labor...
by purposely laying them at His feet.

Jesus gave this warm, welcoming invitation in Matthew 11:28-30,
"Come unto me,
all ye that labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me;
 for I am meek and lowly in heart:
and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

When we hand our problems over to God,
it is a transfer of responsibility.
We remove the load off of our own shoulders....
onto His.
His yoke is easy...
for us...
because He pulls the heaviest end.
Yoking ourselves to Christ is the smartest thing we could ever do.
Taking His yoke upon ourselves is a vital part of learning to trust.
Because telling God it's His....
whatever our problem...
is really saying,
"Lord, I see that I cannot do this on my own.
I realize that I need You.
I acknowledge that I have tried everything I know to try,
and I have found no peace.
I have made every attempt to understand,
and I am still confused.
Success eludes me, Lord.
I am unequal to the task before me.
Therefore, I am handing this...
completely and in its entirety....
over to You, Lord.
I place it all...
the whole, jumbled, entangled mess...
into Your nail-scarred hands.
 I know that You are way bigger than me.
Your thoughts are far above my thoughts.
Your ways far surpass mine.
I am turning it loose.
All of it.
I am letting go.
It is now Yours.
I gladly take Your yoke.
Do in this situation whatever You see is best.
I will fight You no longer.
I will cling to my anxiety no more.
I surrender, Lord.
Please take it all.
It's Yours."

As I prayed today,
He spoke to me gently....
"All things are working together for your good."
He never promised everything that comes will be good.
But, He did promise that everything that happens in our lives
will ultimately work together for our good.
Even the bad things.
Even the unsolved mysteries.
We may never know all of the answers.
He may choose to reveal them,
and He may not.
It is His call....
not ours.
He knows best.
Too much information could be more than we could bear.
Sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss.
God is faithful to let us know what we need to know
when we need to know it....
not necessarily every time we want to.

After I made my surrender,
did I still wonder about the three situations?
I did.
I am no closer to understanding them than I did
when I started praying this morning.
They make no more sense to me today,
than they did yesterday.

But, I feel better.
I am lighter.
It feels good to trust God.
To know that He already knows what is going on.
To know that He always does what is best for me.

How goes it with you, my friend?
Are there things going on in your life that make no sense?
Are the pieces scattered before you like a jigsaw puzzle?
Do you not know where to start?
Have you feverishly tried to put the pieces together,
only to find that some are missing and cannot be found?

God holds every missing piece....
within the palm of His hand.

Whatever you don't understand, submit.
Whatever you can't fix, surrender.
Turn your face upward, and say these words...
from the heart,
"God, it's Yours."
Feel the freedom that comes from letting go...
and allowing God....
to do what He has wanted to do all along...
without your interference.

Transfer the ownership of your problematic situation to God.
Don't try to hold on to it....
not even partially.
You will only get in His way.
If He needs your help,
He will let you know.
He will send a gentle urge...
a subtle nudge...
to get your attention.
Until then,
just let Him work...
unhindered and uninhibited.
 Once your problem has been given to Him,
He will work it out.
What relief to know,
that you have to struggle no longer.
It is not necessary,
because now the problem is His.

God wouldn't want it any other way.

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