Monday, May 28, 2012

Angels Among Us

"And of the angels He saith, Who maketh His angels spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire.  Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?"
Hebrews 1:7, 14 (KJV)

I am convinced, and I choose to wholeheartedly believe, that God doeth all things well.
I am not saying I understand His plan.
I can't comprehend His thoughts.
They are so far above mine.

But, in the midst of my deep grief, in the center of my anguish of heart, I have come to a place of acknowledgement....that He absolutely did what was best....for Mom.
I am trying my utmost to focus on that fact.
When my heart is overwhelmed within me, and I feel I cannot bear the pain of what just happened, I am doing my best to turn my face Heavenward and proclaim,
"God, I know You did what was best for Mom."

Some days that is the only thing I can cling get through the day.

Somehow, that is giving me a sense of comfort and peace, in the midst of the pain.

And I am thoroughly convinced that there are angels...among us...all the time.

I believe they are God's ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to us...the heirs of salvation.
I firmly believe Psalm 34:7.  
It says, "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them."

I am convinced that they surrounded my precious Mother...all the time.
I have no doubt that Tsalmaveth came for her that early morning of April 25th, only to leave her with us for three more days, returning for her on April 28th.

Something happened recently that I wanted to share.
There have been many unusual things that have transpired...I may never be able to talk about some of it.
Some, I will share as I am able and God gives strength and direction...from time to time.

It was early April.
We were enjoying a visit with my niece, Kim, two of her children, and my niece, Dawn's two children.
They had driven be with us...and spend some time.
I cannot begin to say how glad I am that they came.

Their visit meant the Mom...and to us.

Mom loved all of her family so much.

She was so proud of each and every one.

Kim is more than just my niece.
She was more than just a granddaughter to Mom.
She was and is a dear and precious both of us.
True and faithful.
Always so willing to help.
She has been a steady source of comfort to me throughout this whole process.
Just a few years younger than me, we grew up together.
Our bond has stood the test of time...and still continues to grow and deepen.
I am forever grateful to God that she is a part of my life.
And I wouldn't trade the memories we made with Mom and her and the others in April.....
 for anything in the world.

Her daughter, Kyla, AKA "The Little Princess", went outside and picked a rose.
She wanted to give it to Mom.

It touched Mom's heart.

The next evening was the night before Easter, just three weeks to the day before Mom died.
We were all gathered around the table.
I had made cupcakes for the children to frost and decorate.

We had laughed and acted silly and had the best of times.
Some of the frosting was black and it turned the children's teeth black!

Kyla, was laughing at Zach's mouth being black.

It was so funny because hers was just as black, and she didn't realize it.  :)

Mom got the biggest kick out of that.
We all laughed and laughed.

At some point, one of us took a picture...of herself.

I didn't notice anything unusual.
Until the day I took the picture to CVS to have prints made...for her memorial hand out at her funeral.
I stood at the counter flipping through the pictures I had just printed out.

Memories of that night flooded over me.

We had enjoyed our time together so much.
Never dreaming that would be the last time we would ever be gathered together like that.

As I skimmed through the pictures in CVS, I saw it.
As plain as day.
I stood there...dumbfounded....barely able to speak.
I called Zachary over to where I was to show him.
He was just as astonished as I was.

There....hovering over my Mother...sitting at our kitchen table....was an angel.

At least, that is sure what it looks like to me.

There is no explanation for my opinion.

Other than the fact that God sent the angel, and He waited until after her death to allow us to see it...
for what it really was.

None of us noticed it....that we were having so much fun....with her.

None of us noticed.....yet it was there...present...on guard.

It has given us a deep sense of peace.
Just knowing they are there.
That they were there....around her...even before she died.
All her life, I believe.
Long before she ever met Tsalmaveth.

There are angels among us....all of us.
All around us.
You will never convince me otherwise.
If only we could believe this and catch a glimpse of them now and then.

This time, with all my heart and soul, I believe we did.

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