Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Tug

"...and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."  
Matthew 28:20  (KJV)

"Come on, Daddy!  It's a windy day.  Hurry!"  
Kevin was tired, after getting home really late the night before...or should I say, early that morning!

Zachary's enthusiasm sometimes causes us to do things we don't really feel like doing.  
Who could deny his sweet, innocent zest for life?  
Or the many requests he makes that keep Kevin and I going?  

Who could look into his melted-chocolate-brown eyes and say, "No."
Not Kevin.  Not me.
He is precious and the joy of our whole lives.
And if it brings a smile to his face, chances are, we are going to do everything within our power to make it happen.

How did we make it before God sent this special blessing to us?
It took so long for him to get here, but he is oh, so worth every, single second spent waiting!

He has several kites, and one day, it was a perfect day for flying his newest one.

And though, at times, during his kite-flying, the sun gets in his eyes, and he loses sight of his kite, he holds on tight to the string that connects him to his kite.  He knows that no matter what, he cannot let go.  
And, though there are times he can't see it, he knows it is still up there.
Because, every now and then a gust of wind comes and gives a gentle jerk on the other end. 
Then he knows that somewhere up there in the sky, past his line of vision, it is still flying.

Years before we had our sweet boy or ever experienced the joy that being his parents brings to us, Kevin and I learned a song called, "The Tug".  It was written by Lessie Fuller Hyatt, and the lyrics go like this:

A little boy stood gazing,
Into the clouds above,
I know my kite is still up there,
For I can feel the tug;
A smile then crossed his little face,
The tug had made it real,
That's just the way the Spirit works,
Thank God for what I feel.

Thank God for what I feel inside,
I know my God is real,
I can feel His tug from Heaven above,
My hungry soul He fills;
He gave His only Son to die,
A ransom, Oh, what love!
I know God holds the thread of life, 
For I can feel the tug.

Do you still feel the tug?
That little pull on the string of your heart, letting you know God is still up there?
That He's still listening.
That He's still holding your life in the palm of His hand.
That He's still in control.

Though there are moments we can't see His face, no matter how hard we look, that sweet pull on the inmost spirit inside of us, lets us know that we are not alone.
That there is life on the other end.
That all is not lost.

Sometimes, we drift...away from Him.
We run in the opposite direction, because we question Him and things that are happening.
We turn away.
But, no matter how far we go, or how fast we run, we will never outrun "the tug".
Because, He cares just that much.

Sometimes the wind dies down, and the tug becomes less frequent.
We start to wonder if He still cares.
We begin to feel distant from Him.
We pass through spiritual dry times, when it seems He isn't there at all.
That the Heavens are brass.
That our cries to Him are unheard and overlooked.
Hope wanes dim, and faith grows weak. 

Job of the Old Testament felt completely God-forsaken when he spoke these words,
"Behold, I go forward, but He is not there:  and backward, but I cannot perceive Him:  on the left hand, where He doth work, but I cannot behold Him:  He hideth Himself on the right hand, that I cannot see Him."
Job 23:8,9  (KJV)

Haven't we all been there?

Wasn't Jesus there....on the cross?
When His cry pierced through the atmosphere.
When He spoke those heart-wrenching words,
"My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
Why, God?
I did it all.
I minded you....completely.
I've given everything....every drop of My blood.
All of the love in My heart.
Why, Father?
Why, now?

There was darkness over the earth for three hours that day.
The connection between Jesus and God seemed to have been severed....
as Jesus bore the blame and shame of my sin!

But, then the moment came!
Fellowship was restored!
God was pleased.
His wrath appeased.
The sacrifice was complete...it was finished.
It was enough.

When you reach your individual moments of darkness, when you are blinded by your pain and cannot see God, and you cannot find Him...anywhere,...those are the times that you must hold on....to your lifeline...
your connection.
For dear life.
You must hold steady.
You must never let go.

Soon, you'll know....that He is still there.
When He sees it is time, He will send a gentle breeze.

All at once, you'll feel it!  A gentle jerk on the other end.
The tug!  

God is still with you, my friend.
He will always be.


  1. We really enjoyed this. The Lord has really used you in a very special way.We Love you very much. Jonathan really liked the tug. The Sanders

  2. Wonderful post! I haven't thought of that song in ages : ) Love the well made point too!

    (your music player is great!!!)

  3. We really enjoyed this. The Lord has really used you in a very special way.We Love you very much. Jonathan really liked the tug. The Sanders

  4. I really enjoyed this post and every one that you have put on here, they each bring out such great examples and wonderful stories. The Lord has really Blessed you with a wonderful gift in his work with your writing and your beautiful voice to sing his gospel. You are Faithful to his work and a dear friend. Love Ya