Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good-bye, My Dear, Sweet Mom

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain:  for the former things are passed away."
Revelation 21:4  (KJV)

How do I type these words?  

Where do I find the strength? 

My dear, precious, sweet Mother now rests in the arms of Jesus.  

She feels no more pain.  
No more fear.  
No worry.  
She will never cry again.  
People who have wounded her so deeply, will never have the chance again.
She'll never have to wonder what the future will hold for her, or how she will go on.
She will never ask for another drink of water.  
How many times has my heart broken over the past several days,  
 hearing her weak, frail voice pleading, "I want a drink of water."

She is drinking from the river of life, and finally, at last, she is bowing at His feet. 
Oh, dear Lord, how will I ever go on?  
How will any of us?  
Without Mom's prayers.  
Without knowing that somewhere she is worrying about us and caring about us and wanting everything to be okay with us.
If you still have your Mother, hold her close to you.  
Cherish every moment with her.  
Don't ever take her for granted. 
After she drew her last breath, I couldn't tear myself from my usual spot on the left side of her bed.  
I still found myself watching for the rise and fall of her chest, but she was so still.  
I stayed with her for as long as I possibly could.  
It tore my heart apart to walk away and leave her there cold, lifeless, and still.
But, that wasn't her....just the outward shell I so loved and longed to spend time with.  
The real her, my dear mother, had already flown away and began to enjoy things that evaded her here....peace, rest, and a well body.
I beg of you to pray hard for us in the days to come.  
I honestly don't know how I will get through this...I don't know how I will go on living life without her....the most precious and dearest of friends.  
Please just pray...God is our refuge and strength.


  1. Hi Cheryl; I can tell you exactly how to get through this and it's the only way! You have him in your heart already. JESUS When he called mom home Sept.22, 2011 and I watched her take her last breath of life here on earth. The only comfort and peace at that time was in HIM my spiritual personal relationship with Jesus Christ LORD and Saviour. Tell everyone we said hello and all our Love and Prayers are with you. " To GOD BE The Glory " Larry McCoy

  2. Cheryl, So Sorry to hear of your mother's death. When I didn't see any updates, I trusted that meant she was continuing to improve. I know you will miss her greatly, but what you don't know now, is that your mother also taught you how to walk on without her. I took great comfort knowing that my mother was in Jesus presence and her bottled prayers were still working for me and my family. I imagine it like I had a special advocate in heaven. We truly need no more than Jesus, but in my grief, it comforted me. Love Vonda