Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Promise of Spring

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."  Genesis 8:22 (KJV)

Please take the time to listen to this beautiful song by one of my all-time favorites, Cynthia Clawson.


I do believe Spring has sprung....at least it has where we live!  And although the autumn and winter are definitely my favorite seasons, I'll have to admit, spring is beautiful.  As I say good-bye to my beloved friend, old man winter (and my frequent cravings for homemade hot cocoa!), I can't help but be drawn in to the loveliness of what is happening around me.

Everything that has been dead through the winter months is waking up....to new life, new vibrancy, a new season....to grow and live and thrive.  My pretty container garden that I planted last year is springing back to life.

The cherry tree that such a short time ago had empty branches, is now covered with beautiful, intricately colored blossoms....giving sustenance to countless bees....swarming and buzzing everywhere.

Today, as I bowed on my knees in prayer, I heard the most beautiful singing.  It was coming from the little mouth of a bird outside our living room window.  It may have been the same one some friends who were visiting the other day spotted flying out from the fern I have hanging on our front porch.  I think maybe she is trying to build a nest in it.  How sweet that my plant can help the little creature along!

Before we started school, I asked Zachary to come outside with me....to take in the beauty, the colors, the breeze.  

The new life....we see budding everywhere.

I wish you could hear the enormously loud hum of the hundreds of bees swarming here....on the cherry blossoms.

God is everywhere I look.  How can anyone deny His existence?  He's been coloring our world....bringing in a change of scenery to us once again.

Today's passage contains a promise that God is still keeping.  Seeing spring come in like this, is a gentle reminder that God is still alive and well and capable of keeping to His Word.  

There is a song Kevin's brother, Phillip's group used to sing called "God's Coloring Book".  It was written by Dolly Parton.  Perhaps you've heard it.  I found a very beautiful rendition by Heather Berry, in case you would like to hear it, click here:

As I watch spring come to life all around me, my soul is renewed within me.  

I feel God.  I sense His presence.  I know He is near.  I love to see what His hand has created.  He does all of this, goes to all of these extremes of beauty...just for us.

Kevin, Zachary, and I like to color.  Zach has many coloring books, and sometimes, just for fun, we take some time out to enjoy the relief from stress just coloring in them and enjoying each other's company.   When I am coloring a picture for Zach, I always do my very best for him.  When I'm finished, I sign and date the bottom...so he'll remember who did it and the measure of love in which it was colored.  He appreciates and cherishes every, single one Kevin or I have created for him.

Today, it hit me that this is precisely what God does for us every change of season.  He creates a beautiful, magnificent world, He stamps His signature on it...no one else could create all of this...it is definitely Him...everywhere and in the tiniest of details, and He hands it to us as a precious, priceless gift.  

As you breathe in the freshness of springtime, as you observe the life being re-born all around you, why not stop and look up into the Heavens and say thank you?  To your Creator?  Thank Him for lungs to take in the air He so faithfully provides, thank Him for eyes that can see and feast upon all of the splendor He so kindly places in front of you.  And thank Him for the gift of life that He so consistently extends to you day after day...season after season.  

Sadly, many who saw the dawning of spring last year, weren't given the chance to see this one.

Another spring has sprung...you and I are still here...living, breathing, and enjoying.  

Another season, another chance, another burst of hope.  

Like the little bird outside our window, let's give Him all the praise.


  1. Thank you for the beauttiful reminders of Springtime & to look at it with mrpy eyes focused on God.

    1. Thank you so much for your visit and kinds words, Hilda! God bless you. :)