Saturday, December 31, 2011


“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.”  Revelation 21:5 (KJV)

Aren’t you glad there is such a thing as “new”?  Untainted, un-ruined, purely clean, and untarnished.  That is what we have today.  The beginning of a New Year!  So far, it is unlived, and it is like we’ve been given a clean slate.  Last year’s failures, hurts, disappointments, and mess-ups were….well, last year.  And the same God who carried us through 2011, will be with us every day of 2012.  And He makes all things new!  He forgives, and even better…He forgets. 

I love that about God.  He is willing to wash our sins away and then He gets rid of them….forever.  He doesn’t throw them back up to us.  Unfortunately, satan does remember them, and he is quick to remind us of them…time after time.  He overlooks the fact that we have a clean heart, and we are new in Christ.  But, God never overlooks anything.  2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV) says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:  old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”  Our old life is just that….old.  When we become a child of God, all things are become new!

What are your wishes for the new year?  Any resolutions?  I read something about how it is easier to keep our new years resolutions, if we break them down into smaller steps….I think I will keep mine the size of baby steps!  Instead of looking at 365 days, maybe we would do better to try to keep our resolution for 30 days.  Then, starting over again in the new month, try to keep it for another 30 days.  It seems less overwhelming that way. 

I, of course, have the same resolution again…I truly hope I can lose the extra weight this year.  I am so excited!!  Kevin and his Mom went together and bought us a very nice treadmill!  I have wanted one for a long time, so needless to say, I am thrilled.  Instead of looking at the 60 some pounds I need to lose, I think I will set 12 goals of 5 pounds each.  By God’s help, when I lose that 5, I will try for another 5.  And instead of promising to walk on my treadmill for an hour each day, I will try 20 minutes or so and work my way up.  Kevin is planning to put it together for me over his long weekend, so I will be set to start on it at the dawning of the New Year, Lord willing!   

I think this year, I will try to take things at a slower pace along with my smaller, quicker-achieved goals.  Hopefully, this way I won’t get burned out in the first three weeks of 2012!  I have several decorative things that say “simplify” on them.  I think that is another goal I will set for this year….to simplify areas of my life that are too over-crowded and complicated.  Jesus said in John 10:10 (KJV), “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  He wants us to enjoy our lives, and sometimes this means laying aside cumbersome, unnecessary thieves of our time.  I also want to become more organized…which makes everything simpler.  To get myself motivated, I have started cleaning out drawers…one drawer at a time.  My goal is to clean out every closet and cabinet and drawer…taking it one at a time.  There are some wonderful de-cluttering, organizing ideas at  They also have a great Storage Solutions Newsletter you can sign up for. 

My prayer for you is that the new year will bring much happiness, health, and a deeper sense of peace with God.  I hope you find time each day to experience life.  Here are some of my wishes for you…

 I hope you take time to cherish each moment...and not rush through them or wish them away.

I hope every day you look your child in the eye and listen to them talk…for as long as they want to…until they are completely finished.

I hope you stop hurrying and sit down and look out the window while you drink your coffee.

I hope every day you look up into the sky and thank God…for all of the special people in your life and your many blessings.

I hope you open your Bible and read one verse every day…just one....even if it is John 11:35.  (Aha!  I got you to open it and look, didn't I? :-)

I hope you find one thing to appreciate about your spouse every, single day…and tell them what it is.  Life would be awful lonesome if they weren’t there to tell.

I hope you feel appreciated and loved and cared about…always.

I hope there is never a moment that you lose hope.

I hope you perform one random act of kindness every day of 2012….and I hope you do it anonymously.

The year is new, and we know not what lies ahead.  But, we know the Maker and Giver of life, and we know He holds our hand and leads us onward. 

Here’s a couple of New Years poems to contemplate…


Life is a book in volumes three–
The past, the present, and the yet-to-be.
The past is written and laid away,
The present we’re writing every day,
And the last and best of volumes three
Is locked from sight — God keeps the key.
~ Author Unknown ~


I do not know what still awaits,
Or what the morrow brings;
But with the glad salute of faith,
I hail its open wings!
For this I know — that in my Lord
Shall all my needs be met;
And I can trust the heart of him
Who has not failed me yet..
~ Author Unknown ~

God bless you through the new year, my friend!  Forget the past, and keep pressing on!  May it be your happiest year ever!


  1. Hello Cheryl, I came across your blog while searching for the lyrics of a song I just heard on the radio. It ended with the words "I can trust the heart of Him who has not failed me yet." Well, here on this post is a poem by "unknown" with the very lyrics used in the chorus of the song. I wonder if you know about the song? I do not recall any other lyrics or the artist or title. I was also touched by your post. Sending you a special hug. I too felt my world fall apart with the death of my dear daddy in 1998, so I related with what you said. Remember, we have the promise of the resurrection of the righteous at the return of Jesus ( 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). This is our comfort and our hope! God bless you and your little one dear.

    1. Hello, Dee! It was SO nice to see you had stopped by today! What a blessing your comment was to me! I wish I could help you locate that song. I did some research and did find something else, though, and I wanted to share it with you. It appears that the lines of the poem above must have originally come from a book entitled, "Dark Threads the Weaver Needs", written by Herbert Lockyer. In case you would like to look at the book, here is the link to it ~
      I have never read the book, and I don't know anything about it, but the exact wording is in it on the page on the link above. I so appreciate your kind words. I am SO sorry you lost your dear Daddy. I lost my Daddy in 2000 and my Mom in 2012. It is so hard, and I still miss both of them terribly. Yes, praise God, we will see our dear parents again when Jesus comes back! What a day that will be! It was so nice to meet you, and I so appreciate your kind words. I would love to hear the song you spoke about...if I find it, I will try to remember to comment here to let you know. If you find it, I would love to hear about it, too. God bless you, and I hope you will come back and visit again!

    2. Hi, Dee, Me, again! I just found the book on Christian Book Distributors, in case you would like to order it. It is only .99 cents. Here is the link:
      I am planning to order one! I know that nothing that happens in our lives is by accident, and I look forward to reading it, now that God has led both of us to it today! Thank you again. :)