Saturday, October 15, 2011

Broken Hearts

Jesus came “…to bind up the broken hearted…” Isaiah 63:1

I sat in the hospital waiting for the staff to return my mother from the radiology department.  They were doing yet another CT scan to further understand her condition.  I listened to the constant hustle and bustle of the doctors, nurses, Xray techs, CNAs, and lab employees going back and forth past the room.  Medical technology amazes me.  Solomon said in Ecclesisastes 7:29 that man has “sought out many inventions”.  They have invented diagnostic machines to see inside every internal organ of the body….right through the layers of skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments…right down to the bone. 

As I waited, I began to ponder the current events in our lives and things we are going through.  It occurred to me that there is a part of me that will never show up on an Xray, CT scan, PET scan, MRI, or Ultrasound.  It will never be able to be diagnosed by a doctor, because even he/she cannot see it or identify my condition.  I can describe it to him/her, I can name out all of its symptoms, but it can’t be seen with the human eye or a machine.  Therefore, they can only speculate and prescribe some form of medicine to treat and mask the symptoms.  But, I know what it is.  I don’t need anyone to tell me.  I’ve had it before.  Since I’m a survivor, I know very well, firsthand how to recognize it.  I have a broken heart.

There’s only One Who can diagnose my condition; and only One Who can heal it.  He sees through every layer within me, not just physical layers of this mortal body that will one day return to dust.  He sees through the layers of emotional “muscles” that have been torn, feelings that have been crushed, heartaches that have been inflicted, right down into the inside of the broken pieces of my heart.  I mean that innermost, deepest part of my being that only God can see.  He has never relinquished that knowledge to mankind.  I’m kind of glad He hasn’t, because how sweet it is to know that there is something only He can do….with His Own two nail-scarred hands.

I love today’s verse.  In fact, I love that whole passage of Scripture in Isaiah 61:1-3.  It is a prophecy of Jesus Christ, and it gives the whole reason for the Messiah being sent to earth from Heaven.  Read this first verse, as if HE is saying it to YOU, because in reality He is…you are the one He is speaking to today.  “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me; because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings unto the meek; He has sent Me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound…” 

When I was little, I thought there was no one in the world like my brother-in-law, Bruce.  He had married the sister who was closest to my age, and he made over me like I was someone special.  One time, we were having a family picnic at the park.  I wandered off alone on my bike, ended up going way too fast down a hill, flipped over the top of the handlebars, and landed in the ditch.  I was terrified and shaking, as I walked my bike up the hill to where my family was.  Bruce sat me down on the picnic table and checked out my injuries.  It turned out I had a severely sprained wrist that would plague me for weeks to come.  But, somehow it didn’t hurt so much because Bruce took the time to care.  Comfort and kindness goes a long way in the healing process.

You say, “No one knows what I am going through.  No one sees the tears, and even if they do, they don’t understand.”  Ah, yes, my friend!  There is One Who does understand!  We don’t have a high priest Who cannot be touched with our pain!  He was tempted in ALL POINTS when He was on this earth, and through it all, He never sinned.  (Hebrews 4:15) 

Do you know that Jesus suffered a broken heart?  Why do you think He groaned from the depths of His soul on the cross and said, “My God!  My God!  Why hast Thou forsaken Me?”  That cry wasn’t because of the gaping wounds from the scourging.  It wasn’t because each time He tried to take one more agonizing breath, His torn and mutilated back was raked back and forth across the wooden splinters of the cross.  It wasn’t because He couldn’t reach up and wipe away the continual flowing of blood into His eyes from the crown of thorns that was pressing down into His skull.   No, my dear friend, it was because He felt forsaken.  Alone.  Abandoned.  The deepest part of His being was crying out to His Father for help.  For answers.  For solace. 

Jesus’ very purpose in coming to this hurting world was to BIND UP OUR BROKEN HEARTS.  Why would He leave the perfection of Heaven, only to come to an earth where He was rejected, tormented, persecuted, and eventually killed?  He came to receive a broken heart so He could heal ours when they break.  Can you imagine?  What would drive such a decision?  How can you even measure that kind of love?  To intentionally and voluntarily suffer the pain of a broken heart, just so you can have a deeper empathy and heal someone else, goes beyond any love man has ever known. 

Do you have a broken heart?  Is there a place inside you that hurts so much you feel you can’t take anymore?  Do you cry in silence, feeling no one sees or even cares?  Have you tried to explain and no one understands?  Don’t give up!  There is hope!  It is in One Person.  It is in the One Person Who loves you so much He died for you.  He didn’t promise our hearts would never break; He promised to bind them up when they do.  And He came to prove it.

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