Sunday, November 12, 2017

Free Fallin' & Update on LD

"But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all Thy works."
Psalm 73:28

It's amazing how inspiration to write comes to me.
Sometimes, I write from the deepest points of inward pain.
Sometimes, I am crying out to God for a glimmer of hope...some shred of encouragement,
and when I can't find any...anywhere around me...I end up here.
Writing out what my soul needs to hear.

I think if I was given the task of figuring out which 2 Bible characters I am most like,
I would be able to answer real quick, because I already know.
Think of two of the most flawed ones, and you'll know right away, too.
One is Old Testament; one is New.
Both made monumental mess-ups.
Both were redeemed by the grace of God.
Both loved God fiercely with all their heart, soul, and passionate nature,
in spite of their bend towards doing the wrong thing.

Any guesses who they might be yet?

One's name begins with a "D"; one begins with a "P".
Both plunged into forbidden territory, in spite of knowing better,
and ended up swallowed in regret and deep remorse and depression,
but, at the end of the day, one was called "a man after God's own heart" (Acts 13:22),
and the other's name was changed to a name that literally means "rock" (John 1:42).

Okay, so, you probably know the answer is David and Peter.
One of the things I can relate most to David about is the fact that when he was distressed and depressed, "David encouraged himself in the LORD his God." I Samuel 30:6.
Do you know what I think?
I think it was during these times that David wrote most of the book of Psalms.
I think when David was in the pits of despair, he looked around and could find no outward solace,
and, in those anguished moments, he cried out from the depths of his soul to God,
and he wrote those feelings down.
And, now, you and I can turn to his beautiful, poetic, heartwrenched words,
and we can find an instant connection to a kindred spirit who refused to give up in some of the hardest, most tormenting times of life.

So, this post is coming from my heart to yours...from a moment of particular anguish of soul,
during one of those times when I need something to cling hold on to...something that will steady my unstable, upturned emotions.
God led me here.
To search, as I type.
How often He has given me the answers I crave in just this way!

This morning, He is still attempting to teach me what it means to trust.
Remember that?
Yes, I have been telling you that God is teaching my family and me about trust...
for a very long time now.
In fact, it was even our "word of the year" for 2016!
Yes, I said God is "still attempting to teach"...not because He doesn't know how to teach,
but because I don't seem to know how to learn what He is trying to get across to me.

I worry more than anyone I know.
It is tormenting.
I worry so much that my dear Dad nicknamed me "WW".
Any guesses what that stands for?
If you guessed "worry wart", you got it right.
Not the most attractive thing to be dubbed, for sure.
Dad used to get a kick out of the fact that when he and Mom would leave our house late at night, after a visit in our home, I would fret and worry and imagine all sorts of horrors, until I heard the phone ring, and their voice was on the other end telling me they were home safe.
I think Mom and Dad and me reversed roles shortly after I was born,
because it seemed to be me who did most of the worrying from as far back as I can remember.

It is no wonder I was diagnosed with an ulcer, presumed at or near the bleeding stage, earlier this year.
And, you know what?
That makes me downright angry.
Because I do not want to be this way.
Truly, I don't.
I have been living for Jesus for over 40 years now.
And, I still don't trust Him.
I am so ashamed of that.
I am so sorry when I think of how that must make Him feel.
After all, His track record is impeccable.
He has never broken a promise to me.
He has never failed.
There has never been a moment in my chaotic, turbulent life that He has not been there...
with me...faithful, stalwart.

loyal, especially for a long time; able to be trusted

So, why?
Why am I so suspicious of Him?
Why can't I believe what He has told me time after time?
Why do I doubt?
Why do I question His motives?
Why am I always looking for one that is ulterior?

This morning, I fight yet another round in the ring with the opponent that has dealt the most TKO blows to date and most often left me broken, bleeding, and lifeless, face-down on the canvas.
He is ugly.
Evil to the core.
He does not fight fair.
All boxing rules are left outside the ring when he steps in.
When I see it's him who has stepped into the ring opposite me, I cringe, cower, run to the nearest corner post, grab onto the rope with both hands, close my eyes,
and I wait....heart pounding so loud, I can hear it inside my head.
He is my Goliath.
My nemesis.
I feel the vibration all the way from the rope inside my tightly-clenched fists to the canvas beneath my trembling feet, every time he takes a thunderous step in my direction.
All the way, he shouts terror, spews venomous slurs, and laughs this hideous, heinous shriek that literally makes my skin crawl and hair stand on end.
He knows he's landed me on my face before.
He remembers every, single round we've ever fought.
He knows my weak spots...all too well.
He couldn't be more gleeful or confident of his win.
I feel my body tense, as his mammoth frame stands over me.
His hot, vile breath falls on the top of my head and trails down the back of my bent neck.
I brace myself as continual pounding of jabs below the belt start coming...
over and over, relentless, unceasing, unfair, far outside the boundary of what is "legal".
He spits, rabbit punches, headbutts, and breaks every rule in the book.
He is like a shark in the water.
Once he sees or even senses blood, he is fueled with a vicious determination to finish me off.
Once again.
I lay flattened near his hateful feet, as taunts of "victory" bellow from his wicked lips and linger like a lead balloon in the air around us.
Then, he does the unthinkable.
He begins to kick with all his might.
Doesn't he know?
You never, ever kick or hit your opponent when she is down...on the canvas...defeated, at your feet.
But, he doesn't is never, ever enough...for him.

His name is FEAR.
Ever met him?
Perhaps, you have fought a few rounds with him yourself.
He is the most
Rival I have ever met.

Worry is driven by fear, and "fear hath torment".  (I John 4:18)

I grew up through high school hearing Tom Petty's music and being familiar with him,
but I was 23 when Kevin's and my favorite Tom Petty song came out in 1989.
I was just thinking of  "Free Fallin'" a few days before we got the news that Tom Petty had died.
That news made both of us sad...deep, down inside.
I just can't believe he's seems way too soon, makes me feel old and ever more aware of my own mortality and inevitable date with death.

Free Fall
move under the force of gravity only; fall rapidly

As I thought about my trust issues, my many rounds in the ring with FEAR, and how I have such a hard time believing God will take care of me and the ones I love, the thought came to me that I need to just "free fall" into His arms and stop worrying so much.
That I need to make an attempt to overcome my contemptible opponent of fear,
and that the most fool-proof way of doing that is to stop allowing him to bully me.
To just let go of what I FEAR might happen, lay it all down, and lighten my load.
To go "free fallin" straight into the eternal arms of the one who has never let go of me...
not one time throughout my troubled life.
To just jump, cut the cord of worry, and leap, light and free, out into nothing but the assurance that His arms will absolutely catch me.

"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms."
Deuteronomy 33:27

There is no parachute during a free fall into the arms of God.
No safety net.
No back-up plan.
Just a reckless-abandonment-kind-of-trust.
An Esther-like, "If I perish, I perish" mentality.
A "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" sort of attitude.

This morning, as I lay battered, bruised, and barely-spiritually-breathing on the canvas,
feeling the effects of the perpetual kicks from fear, I made a firm decision.
And, don't get me wrong.
I'm not saying it will be our last round.
Oh, he'll be back.
I don't ever pretend this war will end.
But, for this round?
For this battle?
I made up my mind.
Somehow, the precious still, small voice of my Savior drowned out the 10-1 countdown and the obnoxious, deafening, gloats of my opponent, and I heard Him remind me that I CAN win.
That all I have to do is fall back into His open arms....and TRUST.
That He has everything in His control, and nothing in this world can foil His plan for our lives.

I don't know how I mustered the strength or the courage, but I let go.
I took that leap of faith, and I felt myself falling, and at the end of my fall, He was there....
safe, secure, strong.
I felt His perfect love surround me, and all is well.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear..."
I John 4:18

And, do you want to know the most astonishing part?
There was never one thing to worry about, and it turns out, FEAR was all a big figment of my imagination.
He was all smoke and mirrors.
He wasn't all.

Update on LD

LD isn't doing well, my friends, and is still in the hospital.
He is in A-fib, and there is blood in the fluid they draw from around his heart.
He has undergone some radiation treatments, as they are trying to shrink the tumor in his lung,
and there is still one more radiation treatment to go, before they begin chemotherapy.
I want you to know that LD, my sister, Debbie, nephew, Mark, and all other family members appreciate each one of your prayers more than they could ever express.
I keep telling them how many people are praying, and it just lifts their spirits so much.
And, no one could appreciate your faithful prayers any more than I do.
I just thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart.
PLEASE, please keep praying for him and the miracle he needs.

"But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them,
With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26

"The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in Him."
Lamentations 3:24


  1. Powerful, truth filled post!!!1 Love it. Never thought about free-falling into His arms, great visual. Thank you so much for always encouraging us.
    Hugs, Noreen

    1. Oh, thank you for your precious visit and encouragement, Noreen! It is such a blessing when you stop by. I trust the dear Lord will bless you abundantly, in return! Many hugs back to you today!

  2. Hi Cheryl! I will continue to pray for LD and your family. You and I are definitely the shameful duo when it comes to fear and worry. Like you, I know all the verses and the Truth and I believe God can, I just have trouble trusting. Funny isn't, I can trust Him for saving my soul but doubt Him with daily life down here? A few weeks ago, I started meditating on I John 4:18 ... Perfect love casteth out fear. So God is love, He is perfect, His Holy Spirit dwells in me. He commands us over and over to fear not. It just really started hitting me how much I was not only grieving the Holy Spirit, I am sinning and causing problems in my relationship with the Lord.Now when I start to worry, or fear try to creeps up on me, I immediately pray and ask the Lord to help me cast down that imagination just as I would if I stared to grumble in my mind about a chore I had to do and asked God's forgiveness for and help with a better attitude. So far, its been better! Thanks for this post, I'm sure we're not the only ones!

    1. I love the wonderful thoughts you have shared, Brenda. Thank you ever so much for your understanding and kind words. It really is sinning and causing problems in our relationship with the Lord, and I feel so sorry about the way I allow fear to dominate so many times. I'm sure we're not the only ones, either, and may God just help us to get to the place where we can overcome more than we succumb! You are such an encouragement to me, and I can't thank you enough for your continued prayers for LD. We appreciate it so very much! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  3. I'm so sorry about the report on LD. What a truly trying and fearful time. I can so relate to your post as I too am a WW :) Now even though I "know" that worry solves nothing and contributes to so many more problems, I still struggle. I think though that I DO see progress (albeit SLOW) in this area and I think that's just fine. As long as there is 'forward movement'. Also, reflecting on how God has been merciful and faithful through the years helps when that worry creeps in. So maybe AGE has a benefit there???

    1. So happy to know I have another WW partner who understands, Lauren! LOL! Believe it or not, I can see the slightest improvement, also, but a person who didn't know me before, would think I haven't made a drop of progress! Maybe age does benefit, as you said, because we have a longer history to look back on and see God's faithfulness. So thankful for you and your prayers for LD and for how you always encourage my heart. God bless you, my friend. :)

  4. Dear Cheryl,
    Oh I love the way that the Lord spoke to you and brought you to a place of abandonment in Him! This,
    "There is no parachute during a free fall into the arms of God.
    No safety net.
    No back-up plan.
    Just a reckless-abandonment-kind-of-trust."
    especially paired with that verse from Deuteronomy 33 is speaking so much to me today. I can hear Elisabeth Elliot quoting that day after day, when we were in the midst of hard days years ago. And to be reminded of that now is such an encouragement! He is our only safe refuge! May He continue to hold you up, and so close to His heart, my friend. You and your dear family are daily in my prayers! Love & Hugs!

    1. Dear Bettie! Thank you so much for your understanding heart and sweet encouragement! Oh, that is so precious about how Elisabeth Elliot quoted that to you during your hard times. She surely was a precious soul and is so missed. I love that verse dearly, and it has sustained me through many places in life. Your prayers and friendship and support mean the world to us. Sending much love and many hugs back to you!

  5. Praying for LD and the family.

    Sorry to hear your in the "valley". We've all been there, been in it relying too much on our senses and not relying on the One who's seeing us through it.

    "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." We all fear, or revere, this world sometimes more than we revere He who holds it in His hands. Seems silly upon contemplation, but that's why we turn to Him for wisdom and comfort.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers for LD and our family, Floyd. We are so very grateful to you for your faithfulness and encouragement. God bless you abundantly today!

  6. All I know about fear, that’s what worry is, is that perfect love casts it out. The love of God comes to us. We don’t go get it or earn it or pull it onto ourselves like a blanket. It just comes to us. Praying for that for you now. It’s nothing you do.

    1. What a wonderful thought, Sandi. "It just comes to us." So many times, we feel that we have to earn it, and we forget that it is a free gift. Lots of stuff from the past makes me automatically think that, and it is hard to unlearn something that has been drilled in for so many years. But, God is helping me, and I am ever so grateful for His patience! Thank you for your prayers and visit! God bless you. :)

  7. My dearest Cheryl. You write the words that God has not gifted me with the ability to write. I too, have been called a WW all of my life. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am world-class worrier. And I, like you, are ashamed of the fact. Thank you for these words for me to read over and over again. I have been in prayer for LG and his family and will continue to do so. Thank you for the update so I know more specifically what to pray for.
    Blessings, Betsy

    1. Oh, my dear, sweet friend! So, you are labeled a "WW", too! Well, we are in this thing together, and this makes us able to understand and relate so well! I don't think we are alone, is a human tendency to look around and worry, but surely God is with us, and He will see us through. Your friendship, support, and prayers mean SO much to my family and me. Sending many blessings and much love back to you today! I am praying for you, too, sweet friend. :)

  8. You describe that battle with ugly fear very well. And then we end up realizing so much that torments is a smoke screen. Let's hold on to Jesus and His promises because you're right--He is always faithful. Praying for the family, for LD to feel Jesus' love and strength right now. Loving hugs to you, Cheryl.

    1. Thank you so much for your dear prayers, my friend. They are carrying my family through this latest crisis. Sending many hugs back to you, sweet Mary. God bless you!

  9. As I was reading your post, the thought came to me that I could have written those words... although mine would have not been so well written as yours. You totally describe exactly what it's like when I start to worry...many times wondering how disappointed my Father must be in me...then the guilt from that kicks in and before it's all over, I'm just a mess. The only thing I have to say is that I must be in pretty good company since so many of us have to deal with trust and faith issues. Whatever the situation is, all I can do is ask for forgiveness, pray that He will increase my faith and give me peace, in the midst of the storm, no matter what the storm is. He has never failed to give me peace even though nothing else least it's not evident to me yet. I'm right there with you, Sister...bless you for your transparency and for writing just the right words to describe the struggle so many of us have in common. I am sorry to hear that your BIL is not doing well...prayers continue for your family.♥♥♥

    1. Oh, dear friend! It sounds like you and I have so much in common. I know what you mean, I was just praying so hard earlier today, begging my dear Lord to forgive my lack of trust in Him. Your words are so precious to me, and your visits always encourage my heart. You will never know how much we appreciate your faithful prayers, love, friendship, and support. I trust God is blessing you and you are looking forward to your time with your family this Thanksgiving! Sending hugs to you!

  10. Oh Cheryl, I'm smiling because so much of what you write is how I feel, too. We are only humans, but we want to control things, don't we? Yes, trusting is so very hard for us, and it's a lifelong journey. I'm sure Our Heavenly Father just shakes His head at us. I'm a WW, too, and I guess we just can't help it, for it is what makes us who we are.
    I'm so sorry about LD, and I'll continue to pray for him, and you and your family. Love and blessings to a fellow WW!

    1. Oh, yes, dear friend, we surely do want to control things. And, when we can't, it causes great frustration and alarm. It is so wonderful to know that I am not alone and in such great company. We could start our own support group called, "WW Anonymous"!!!! We could come forward one at a time, give our name, and take that first vital step in admitting we are a full-fledged worry wart!! LOL! I guess maybe that is what we have all already been doing here, and maybe just admitting we need help truly is the first step in our "recovery" journey! Your prayers for LD and our family are so appreciated, and I am so grateful to you for your faithful support and friendship. Sending much love, many hugs, and lots of blessings to you, my sweet fellow WW!!

  11. Oh, precious Cheryl, know that I am praying for LD! I know God has a plan, and it's the hardest thing to just rest in knowing that. And, yes, we tend to all be WW, and yet God knows that and loves us still. I always try to remind myself that God cannot love me more nor love me less no matter what happens. He has me in the palm of His hand...praise God for that! We are in a lifelong journey as each of His children are being formed more and more into His image. Praise God we shall be glorified some day and with Him forever. Till then, we read His Word and wait on the Holy Spirit to guide us each and every moment! Hugs and love, precious one!

    1. Yes, dear, precious friend! One day our worries will be over, because none of us will be able to find one, single thing to worry about!!!!! Can you imagine? Knowing me, I will be fidgeting around, scratching my head, wondering why I am so at peace and feeling like I should be upset or worrying about SOMEthing! Thank you for your sweet visit, and oh, my, we SO appreciate your prayers for LD. God bless you abundantly, sweet Cheryl!

  12. Girl, you wrote this post for me. I am such a WW too! I always seem to think the worst, and then just seethe over the situation. I'm SO sorry about your ulcer...I have stomach problems too. How can I doubt my Lord like I do? It seems so silly, and he always tells me that everything is okay, and I don't need to worry. My goodness, if I need confirmation about that, a quick look at Scripture would tell me the same thing.
    I am praying for LD, and I'll pray for you too. God hold you all in his tender hand, and bring you to peace and healing in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    1. Oh, how sweet it is to know we are in this thing together, my friend! I know exactly what you mind can have someone dead and buried and already be grieving when I haven't heard from them by a certain time, etc. It is so ridiculous, and the dear Lord must stand up there looking down in such total frustration withe me. I am so sorry you have stomach issues....whew, they can really wreak havoc on your life, can't they? The suffering has been horrible, at times, but God is there through it all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithful prayers and friendship. I am so thankful for you!

  13. Cheryl, it is such a blessing the way the Holy Spirit has knit our hearts together through our blog posts...He is so amazing. As soon as I read your post today, and your comment on my post today, the Lord immediately brought this illustration to my heart to share with you, and I found it on one of my earlier blog posts...

    "When Hitler began bombing the city of London with his air force, the English moved trainloads of children out to the country for safety. One little youngster was asked, “Where are you going?” The child responded, “I don’t know, but the king knows.” I don’t know where I’m going from here, but my King knows. In the midst of it all, King Jesus knows where you are going from here. Even though you have hurt like never before, He is there, and He “knows."

    Many blessings to you dear friend ❤️

    1. Oh, Beth! That is AMAZING!!! And, I LOVE the story you are such a dear blessing and encouragement to me, time after time, and yes, it is just something how the Holy Spirit knits our kindred spirits together. Your prayers, support, encouragement, and friendship are invaluable gifts, and I am eternally grateful to have you in my life. Sending much love and gratitude to you today!

  14. Oh dear Cheryl! You have written such powerful words! Truly the greatest weapon of the enemy is fear, which he uses in a myriad of fashions, shapes and sizes to distract us, and cause great destruction in our lives. So many times I have recognized fear in every situation that gives us distress. It is fear that paralyzes us that he brings, and how wonderful to know that the fear of the Lord is different, because it made both David and Peter bold, even in their weaknesses. The enemy seeks to paralyze us with his fear, but the Lord wants to empower us with our fear and love for HIM. I pray that the POWER of the Lord comes from on high, breaks down the barriers that fear from the enemy has erected, and that the chains of fear and worry are broken in your heart, mind and life! Yes, I will believe with you that this go-round with fear has met its Waterloo and that the Lord will empower you to strike back at the heart of the enemy's tactics with your trust in Him. David slew Goliath, and Peter was victorious in ministry, their faith prevailed, and God did mighty things through them, and such will be for you dear friend! I too am praying for LD that the mighty hand of the LORD will prevail in his life, and bring about a miracle of healing for him. Continuing to pray for the family too! Appreciate you so much, and how you write about topics that touch our hearts deeply, and praying for the Lord to continue to empower you with His spirit to overcome the tactics of the enemy of our soul, in Jesus name!

    1. Oh, sweet friend! I LOVE everything you shared it blessed my heart today! I love how David and Peter overcame and became bold and such mighty warriors in the service of the Lord. You are so right that fear is paralyzing, and it can become such a stronghold. But, praise God, He can tear those strongholds down and give us sweet victory and relief! Thank you so much for praying for LD...oh, we do appreciate those prayers from the bottom of our hearts. Your words of encouragement here and emails and phone calls are precious gifts to my life, and I love and appreciate you so much! I will email you as soon as I can.

  15. Hi Cheryl, you dear friend!
    It's Su Ann. I continue to pray for LD and you and your family. Yes, fear(doesn't deserve capital letters) is working hard here, too. Ugh!
    You are appreciated. And, yes free fallin' is easier said than done. :)

    1. You are so does NOT deserve capital letters! I am so sorry you are in the battle with this grim monster. I pray for you often, sweet friend. Thank you ever so much for your precious visit and kind words. God bless you and keep you and encourage your dear heart!

  16. Well written, raw, true to the core post! Thanks for sharing it and for your open heart.

    1. Thank you ever so much, AnnMarie! Your visit and kind words are such a dear blessing, my friend. :) God bless you!

  17. Dear Cheryl, "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you encounter trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Allow perseverance to finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:2-4. Jesus has really been talking a lot to me about what this means and how to apply it daily to my life. He said that in this world we would have trouble, but He has overcome the world. Not "will" overcome the world. But "has" overcome the world. It's done. It's finished. He completed it on the cross. And those who have received Him as Savior are one with Him. His spirit lives within them and all they require to face the enemy's slings and arrows is already present. We must train ourselves to immediately turn inward and grasp onto His spirit and call on Him to fight for us when we are under attack. The battle belongs to the Lord. I believe I am finally coming to understand this and the immense power that lives within me. It lives within you, too, my friend. And all those who are His by faith. We are to live moment by moment. Think of the prayer He taught His disciples -- they are to ask (we are to ask) for "daily" bread. Ask for what we need today, for this moment, and He will provide it. He's promised to do so. He will give us what we need. I read "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young as part of my devotional time every morning. Todays devotion says this (Jesus is speaking) "When a problem starts to overshadow your thought, bring this matter to Me. Talk with Me about it and look at it in the Light of My Presence. This puts some much-needed space between you and your concern, enabling you to see from My perspective. You will be surprised at the results. Sometimes you may even laugh at yourself for being so serious about something so insignificant. You will always face trouble in this life. But more importantly, you will always have Me with you, helping you to handle whatever you encounter. Approach problems with a light touch by viewing them in My revealing Light." I can feel the struggle in your words, my friend, and I understand and empathize. You're in my prayers. Hugs, Nancy

    1. Thank you for your visit, Nancy, and for the thoughts you have shared. I appreciate it so much! John 16:33 is one of my favorite verses and has comforted me so many times through trials. The trials are surely appointed to us, and, you are so right, it is such a comfort that our dear Lord has already walked ahead of us and has already overcame the world! Thank you ever so much for your prayers....they are so appreciated! God bless you, my friend!

  18. Oh sweet friend did I need to read this!! We are even more kindred than I realized!! But I'm not surprised.

    Your word picture of FEAR was gripping! What an perfect description of what fear does to a person. I am so weary of worrying. My husband asked me how I was feeling today, and it's like I've thrown in the towel and said, "I don't think I'm every going to feel normal again." It seems when I pray, things only get worse. But your post helped me to see that FEAR is telling me this. Oh what encouragement you brought me this morning. I need to just let go and free fall...

    Just this morning when I was getting ready, I heard this Lauren Daigle song which lyrics ministered to my heart,

    "Letting go of every single dream
    I lay each one down at Your feet
    Every moment of my wandering
    Never changes what You see
    I try to win this war
    I confess, my hands are weary, I need Your rest
    Mighty warrior, king of the fight
    No matter what I face You're by my side

    When You don't move the mountains
    I'm needing You to move
    When You don't part the waters
    I wish I could walk through
    When You don't give the answers
    As I cry out to You
    I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You

    Truth is, You know what tomorrow brings
    There's not a day ahead You have not seen
    So let all things be my life and breath
    I want what You want Lord and nothing less

    When You don't move the mountains
    I'm needing You to move
    When You don't part the waters
    I wish I could walk through
    When You…"

    Most especially the refrain convicted and encouraged me.

    Thank you for sharing your precious heart so transparently. You have encouraged me beyond measure.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law and will continue to pray.

    Sending you love and comfort,

    1. Oh, sweet friend! I just soak up your words like a sponge! Yes, we truly are kindred spirits. This Thanksgiving season, I am so thankful for you and your presence in my life. I LOVE this song, too! I can't tell you how many times I have sat and listened to it, and the words just resonate deep each time I hear it. Thank you for sharing the words with us here...oh, it just meant so much to me today! You will never know how much we appreciate your continued prayers for LD. You are such a precious blessing to my family and me, and I love and appreciate you dearly. God bless you today and during this Thanksgiving season!

  19. My precious friend:

    You share and write so incredibly well. Your faith is deep to your core. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Smile ruefully and lay it all at the feet of our Lord and Savior at the Cross.

    I always have this image when I am truly "letting go and Letting God." I envision the actual laying of the problem/concern/fear/worry/stress at His Bleeding Feet. It lifts it off my shoulders like nothing else I know.

    We cannot have you get ulcers. Too many need you. Including your readers. Take care, and fear not.
    We know who wins the battle in that ring, don't we? With God on our side, we have nothing to fret.

    1. Dear, sweet Michele! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your dear words! Oh, they truly meant so much to me today! I love the picture of laying my burdens at Jesus' bleeding, nail-scarred feet! You are such a dear blessing to me, and I cannot thank you enough for your dear comments and encouragement. Sending love and hugs to you this Thanksgiving season, sweet friend! God bless you!!!

  20. So sad to know LD isn't doing well.My prayer for him, you and all the family...
    and regarding FEAR...I've met it a few times but the worst is facing the rest of my life without Mr. Sweet....

    1. Oh, dear BJ! I am SO sorry, sweet friend! I know your heart is so broken, and the "firsts" will be the worst of all. This first Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., will be so hard, and my heart just breaks for you. I am praying for you and sending much love to you today. Trust in His everlasting arms to hold you, my friend. Love you.

  21. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, dear Lyli. Sending hugs and gratitude back to you!

  22. Will be praying for LD. May God bless and be with you, Cheryl!

    1. Thank you, Bethany! We appreciate your prayers more than words, my friend. :)

  23. There are a lot of good things in Psalm 118 including my confession from the beginning of my cancer fight.

    I will live and not die and declare the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

    I plead the blood of Jesus over LD for miraculous healing and that he will live and not die and declare the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.



    1. Psalm 118 is one of my favorite passages, too...SO precious and dear to my heart. When I sent a bunch of Scriptures to my sister to read to LD the other night, the one you quoted here was one that I has been so close to my heart so many times in my own physical afflictions. Our words hold so much weight! I also sent them the book "God's Creative Power" by Charles Capps. If you have never read it, you would really enjoy it. He talks a lot about healing in it and has one whole chapter that I try to quote as often as I can. Thank God for His Word and the power it infuses into our lives! Thank you ever so much for your prayers for LD. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! Sending hugs back to you and many prayers for your continued healing and restoration, Laura.

  24. You know, Cheryl, I think that one aspect about you that is a lot like David is the heart you have to follow hard after the King. :) That was the prayer God gave my for my son when I was pregnant with him, that he would be a man after God's heart like David, and love him in worship and praise. He is a gifted pianist today who spills out his heart on the piano.

    I appreciate your transparent heart. Thanks for sharing this at the #GraceMoments link up.

    1. Oh, Dawn, what a sweet comment! I am so grateful to you for your precious visit and encouragement! And, what a wonderful prayer to pray over your dear son and to know how God has answered that prayer and blessed him as He has! Thank you so much for sharing that amazing testimony. It really encouraged me. Sending love and hugs to you, sweet sister. :)