Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Kingsmen - BATTLE CRY CD Review & A Giveaway!!!!

"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong."
I Corinthians 16:13

Up until now, I have never tried my hand at writing any type of review post on Homespun Devotions.
Up until now, I have never felt led to.
But, after a recent, personal encounter with the Southern Gospel group, The Kingsmen,
I began to feel God leading me to promote their latest project to the faithful readers who come by here.

First, I will say that my little family and I have attended a lot of singing events over the years.
We find such encouragement and many blessings in traveling and listening to the various 
groups God sends within a driveable distance from us.
So, when we found out The Kingsmen were coming within 80 some miles from us, 
we were beyond excited!!

They have been one of my favorite groups since I was a young girl growing up in Dayton, OH.
I would listen to them regularly, as a local DJ named Tim, would play their songs on a station called WGIC in Xenia, OH.

It was funny how our finding out about them coming to our area recently came about.

One evening, Zach was in the kitchen drying supper dishes,
and Kevin had started working the night shift in his home office near the kitchen.
He often puts in a CD to listen to as he works,
and Zach and I get to enjoy listening to it, too, as the sweet sounds float from room to room.

Soon, the sounds of this song, one of our all-time favorites by the Kingsmen, began playing.

If video doesn't load, click here.

I don't know about you all, but every time I hear this song, (written by Joseph Habedank), 
I have a hard time stifling shouts to Almighty God!
It just speaks out the very experience of my heart.

Soon, Zach poked his head around from the kitchen to peek into where Kevin was working.

"Daddy, who is that singing that song?" he asked.

"It's The Kingsmen", Kevin answered.

"Wow, it would be neat if we could go hear them in person", Zach replied.

As soon as the words were out of Zach's mouth, 
it occurred to me that I had seen their name on the Gospel Gigs website,
when I had been scouring it earlier to check out upcoming concerts near our area.
Then, I had been distracted while reading it and never got to see
where the concert was actually going to be.

(If you love Southern Gospel, and you are interested in finding out which groups are coming within a certain proximity to where you live, Gospel Gigs is a wonderful resource.
You can also sign up to have their weekly updated schedules automatically sent to your inbox.)

I immediately went back to the Gospel Gigs website, and lo and behold,
there it was.
The Kingsmen would be less than 85 miles from us the following weekend!

I was so excited and hurried to tell Kevin and Zach.
We immediately began making plans to attend their concert
and could hardly wait until the day arrived.

You never really know what to expect when you attend one of these events.
Sometimes, you feel a sense of bondage, as if you are afraid to raise your hand in praise,
or say "amen", or "praise the Lord".
There are occasions that you sit through the concert, then visit the artist's product table afterwards,
only to meet with disappointment as you find them to be unfriendly, condescending, or worse,
or that they seem to expect your compliments and are so used to hearing them that they no longer hold much significance.
You can feel "brushed off" and leave wondering why you ever made the sacrifice to be there in the first place.
Then there are those other times, when you immediately discern that the precious Holy Spirit is present in the place.
You sense a strong anointing upon the singers and the songs being sung,
and you feel a freedom to praise God and worship Him, without restraint. 
Tears flow freely, as you are keenly aware of His presence,
and you realize anew that "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."
2 Corinthians 3:17

So, we drove the 80 some miles to get to the place where The Kingsmen were performing that night, not really knowing what to expect, other than to have a pretty good hunch about the songs that may be sung.

Dear friends, what we found that night was truly amazing.
God's presence was there from the moment Bass Singer and 50 year Kingsmen veteran, Ray Dean Reese; Lead Singer, Bob Sellers; Baritone Singer, Randy Crawford; and Tenor Singer, Chris Jenkins walked on to the stage.

The blend of talent that is represented in these four guys is absolutely an orchestration of the Divine will of God.
Harmony is impeccable.
But, it goes beyond that.
It is the spirit in which these guys sing, and the spiritual depth that is contained in their song selection that makes the difference.
Their genuine love for Jesus Christ and the passion with which they speak and sing about Him
blessed our souls more than I could ever hope to put into words.

It is one thing to "seem" spiritual while on stage,
while performing, and while far-removed from the audience who listens.
It is quite another thing to show that same level of spirituality when the spotlight has dimmed,
and you are standing face-to-face with the people who came to hear you sing.

To be honest, I was curious as to what kind of reception and interaction we would find as we walked up to their product table, after the concert was over.
How relieved and grateful I was to find that these 4 guys are as humble and Christlike off-stage
as they are on.
We met Bob, Chris, Randy, and Ray Dean.
We found them to be gracious, humble, down-to-earth,
and easy to talk to.

Wouldn't you know, I forgot to take our camera, (I silly of me!), 
and we were having phone difficulties.
So we didn't end up getting a picture with all four of them,
but, thankfully, we finally resolved our phone issues towards the very end, 
and we were able to get this picture of Zach with two of them.

We will always cherish, not only this picture, 
but our memories of that special evening with The Kingsmen.
What a blessing!

A few months ago, we began hearing the song "Battle Cry", 
(written by Lee Black, Sue C. Smith, and Joel Lindsey), 
being played on the radio.
Battle Cry is the title of their latest CD, 
and also the number one song for the month of August!!
Please take a listen.

If video doesn't load, click here.

I can't exactly put into words just what this song means to me.
I can't think of any lyrics that could more adequately describe what is going on in the spiritual realm in these last, perilous days, and I can't imagine any song that could more fully articulate the personal burden that is upon my heart right now.
It is ever present with me.
And, do you know what?
I thank God for this burden.
Because it shows that He has not allowed me to fall into a state of spiritual apathy.
Feeling this alarm and concern makes me know that my spiritual eyes are wide open.
May they ever be!

There is a battle cry going forth that cannot be silenced.
God is sifting through His people, 
and soon, it will be clearly evidenced as to whose side each one of us is really on.

Can you hear the battle cry?
Will you respond to it?
Will you do your individual part to uphold the pure, unadulterated truths of God's Holy Word,
swim upstream against the current of evil,
and take a firm stand for righteousness?
Or will you ignore the battle cry and choose to succumb to floating downstream
and cave to the snare of political correctness?

There are eleven songs on The Kingsmen's Battle Cry CD,
and I must tell you that there is not one song on this CD that isn't top-notch.

Kevin and I have been huge music fans all our lives,
and the other day, after listening to the Battle Cry CD all the way through,
for the umpteenth time I might add, Kevin said,
"I have never had a CD that I like this much!"

That, my friends, is saying a lot.
In our family, we call Kevin the walking music encyclopedia.
His remembrance of the old songs, who sang them, and interesting back stories and tid-bits
is truly amazing.

In addition to "Battle Cry", which is track #1 and which I can never say enough good about,
there are 10 other tracks.
Usually, when we buy a CD, there are at least a few songs that we don't really care for,
and we always skip those while listening.

I can tell you that there is not one song on this CD that we are tempted to skip through.
The Kingsmen mentioned that they had taken two whole years to select the songs they
wanted to include on this CD.
I am sure a lot of prayer and seeking God's will went into that process.

Believe me, it shows.

The other songs that are included on the Battle Cry CD are:

 I've Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken
(written by Rebecca J. Peck),
 He Took Away My Burden
(written by Daryl K. Williams and Scott Inman),
Oh Yes I Am
(written by Regina Walden),
Cross of Grace
(written by Rebecca J. Peck),
Beautiful City
(written by Ashley Franks),
I Know
(written by Ila Knight),
It Should Have Rained
(written by Dianne Wilkinson and Rusty Golden),
(written by Belinda Smith and Kenna Turner West),
Come and Dine
(written by Daryl K. Williams and Dianne Wilkinson),
Here I Stand Amazed
(written by Kingsmen baritone singer, Randy Crawford)

Now, because of the passion we feel concerning God's Battle Cry
and the way this Kingsmen CD proclaims it,
Kevin, Zachary, and I felt led to purchase five extra copies of the Battle Cry CD
and make them available to be given away here!

We're keeping things real simple.

All you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section below.

Please make sure you comment in a way that we will have access to your contact info., 
so we can notify you if you should win.

If you must comment anonymously, PLEASE email us privately and let us know how to contact you, should you win!!

There is no purchase necessary.
Due to shipping costs, giveaway is available to US residents only,
and will remain open from 9/10/2015 through 11:59 PM, Monday, 9/14/2015.

Chances of winning depends upon the number of entrants.
If there are only five comments left, all five commenters will receive the prize!!!  LOL!!

Winners will be picked, fairly and at random, and be announced here
shortly after the giveaway ends.

Prizes will be mailed within 2 weeks of the end of the giveaway, Lord willing.

Wish we could give every single Homespun Devotions reader, subscriber, & follower
a copy of this CD!
It is just that good, my friends.  :)

God bless you all!!

UPDATE:  9-10-2015 6:00 PM -
To visit The Kingsmen's Facebook page and see their nice comments about this giveaway,
click HERE!!!!


  1. I saw the reference to your Blog on The Kingsmen's Facebook page. Your review is "spot on". I love all the details that God worked out from hearing the song reminding you about the info on Gospel Gigs, to being able to attend. And thank you for the info about Gospel Gigs (signed up immediately). I'll be back to read more of your blog. Thank you for sharing your experience about the evening with The Kingsmen with us.

    1. Thank you SO very much for your encouraging words and visit here today! I am so grateful to "meet" you and look forward to future visits! Thank you for entering the giveaway and providing your contact info. God bless you!

  2. I absolutely love The Kingsmen and have seen them in concert a few times. Rigiht after my husband passed away last year I attended a concert in Florence, AL. During intermission, every one of them gave me a huge hug and told me how sorry they were. Bob held me a little longer while I cried. One doesn't forget something like that. They are truly great Godly men.

    1. Bless your dear heart! I am SO sorry to hear of your great loss, and I trust God will hold you extra close while you grieve. "The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms." Deuteronomy 33:27 It is wonderful to know how incredibly kind the Kingsmen were to you. I can just picture them doing something like that. These guys are the real deal, and it is surely a blessing. If you could, please email us and provide your contact information, so we can get in touch with you, should you win the giveaway. We would hate to think we couldn't pass along your prize to you, simply because we had no way of reaching you. I trust you will see this comment. God bless you and comfort your heart.

  3. I would very much enjoy seeing The Kingsmen in concert, and this CD sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing information about them, and for the Gospel Gigs website! I hadn't heard of that site before, and I'm excited to see concerts coming to our area. Thanks, Cheryl!!

    1. So happy you commented, Bronda, and glad to introduce you to Gospel Gigs!! Have a wonderful day in Him! :)

  4. Hi Cheryl! I love the photo of your son with the members of the Kingsmen. Oh my gosh!! What a huge gift you gave him, arranging to get tickets and travel to the concert. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time :)
    How generous of you to give away a copy of their music! Count me in, and I know that whoever wins will be blessed.
    Glad you're back safe and sound!

    1. Oh, my, Ceil! We DID have a wonderful time that night, and we were so abundantly blessed. I will cherish this picture of Zach with the Kingsmen forever!!! I just can't say enough good about them and their kindness to us. What a blessing! Thank you so much for commenting, and yes, I know whoever wins the copies will be very blessed indeed. :) Have a wonderful day in Him!!

  5. I am so glad that your family had such a wonderful evening! I love the Kingsmen and their type of music. It feels so great to be able to worship along with anointed music.
    Glad to see this post. I sent an email to you and I tried calling this morning. I was hoping that everything was okay with you and the family. Love you very much!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, sweet friend! You are now entered in the giveaway!!! I can't say enough good things about the Kingsmen. :) What a blessing! I emailed you just now, and Lord willing, we will try to talk soon, when things calm down. :) Love you very much, too!! :)

  6. So awesome! I have never heard of them, but would love to listen to more! I love the picture of your sweet son - he looks so happy!!

    1. Oh, my word! You will LOVE them, Caroline! And, thank you SO much for your kind remarks about Zach...he WAS so happy! I could have kicked myself because of forgetting the camera!! He wanted a picture with them so bad, and we were outside scrambling trying to get the phone camera to work!! He was deleting stuff off there left and right!! LOL! We finally got it to where there was enough memory to take the pictures, rushed back inside, and two of the guys had already left. But, thank the Lord, we got Chris and Bob in a picture with Zach. They put the picture on their Facebook page! Zach is SO excited!!!! Here is the link, if you want to see it: Hey, maybe I should edit the post to include that, so people can check them out on Facebook. Thanks SO much for stopping by and commenting. Sending you big hugs across the miles, sweet friend. :)

  7. Let me tell you a little bit about these fellas! I used to sing in a local quartet. I was listening to Youtube videos one evening and happened up Bob Sellers, when he was with the Capstone Quartet. I sent him a message and a friendship blossomed. Great man, on and off the stage! He brought Capstone from Alabama a couple times to sing with us in NC! Proud to call him a friend! I was there the night Chris Jenkins auditioned for the Kingsmen in Hickory NC! I told those fellas, he is absolutely the one! He just had that Kingsmen tenor sound! Randy is a kind fellow as well, so kind he knew I worked for a local PD and contacted me the day we caught Dylan Roof (Charleston Shooter) asking how everything was going and kept in touch. One memory several years ago, The Kingsmen were in Shelby NC at a local Church. A friend if mine and myself, went, and we were so early they hadn't even completed load in. We walked into the back of the Church and Ray Dean saw us, walked up to us and talked to us like he had known us for years. Things like the above mentioned are not the norm in this Gospel business by a lot of the groups. Some of your comments about meeting them after the concert hit home because I have seen it numerous times. But these fellas are the absolute real deal! Good men, godly men, and will treat you like they have known you for years.... Not to mention they sound amazing as well..... Proud to know them, and happy your family had such a wonderful time with them... I never leave disappointed when I get the chance to go hear them sing..... And about the CD, if that thing doesn't win Album of the year at Singing News, something is dead wrong! One of the best overall CD's to come out of Gospel music in years in my opinion..... Great read, thanks for sharing... Terry Grayson, Lawndale NC

    1. Oh, WOW!!! I LOVED reading this! What neat stories you have to share, and such great memories you have made with the Kingsmen! I believe you when you say they are the real deal, no doubt about it. So, you have been through some similar situations where you can relate to our times of leaving feeling so frustrated. You know if only these groups would stop and think about it, JESUS is the One they are serving, and it would always be to their advantage to be humble like He is. He is the One Who gives us the platform and life and health in the first place. So thankful for your visit and comments...I was SO blessed by this and shared it with Kevin and Zach. If you happen to stop back by, PLEASE email us your contact information, in case you win the giveaway! We want to be able to make sure we get it to you!! God bless you abundantly...come back anytime and share more stories. This was great!

  8. I sure loved reading this. I always love reading your blogs. You have great stories to share and I look forward to reading them. My contact information is: Andrea Brooks 1000 NE 25th street McMinnviile Oregon 97128. My email is:

    1. Oh, Andrea! It is SO wonderful to hear from you! And your precious words just meant so much! It is comments like yours that keep me motivated to write and express what God lays upon my heart. There are days that I feel so discouraged and ready to throw up my hands, then some kind soul (like YOU!) will come along and offer the sweetest encouragement, and I see that I can take that next step to press on. :) I am so grateful to you for commenting and leaving your contact info. You are now entered in the giveaway!!!! God bless you abundantly, and thank you ever so much for reading and supporting this ministry. :) Sending you much love and many hugs from across the miles!

  9. Hi, Cheryl! I am one Christian who has been profoundly influenced by listening to Gospel music. This genre contains truth in a pure form that just can't be found in any other style of music. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us today. It's always good to hear from you! God bless you and your family and whatever you are going through. In Christ's love, Lillace

    1. Lillace! What a lovely name you have, my friend! I am most humbled and grateful for your sweet comments. You are so right...there is nothing like Southern Gospel, and when you come across a group that is so authentic and who truly sing from their own soul's experience with Jesus Christ, it just really restores and cements your faith in this music. I can't say enough good about the Kingsmen, and I will forever praise the Lord for the blessing we received that night. I suppose it is hard for anyone to truly know the depths of the blessing we received, but we have just been through so much, and we NEEDED that encouragement and to know that people are REAL. God bless you for your kind words, and thank you so much for commenting and entering the giveaway! Much love and many blessings to you. :)

  10. I want to recuse myself from the CD giveaway (LOL), but I just felt led to comment regarding some of YOUR comments. The kind words about the group and us guys as individuals are very much appreciated. To God be all the glory! I have been in the position (and it doesn't seem long ago) when I was just dreaming of one day singing at all, much less for a living, and would sheepishly approach someone in a group that I looked up to just hoping to make eye contact or possibly even strike up a small conversation with. I've been pleasantly surprised by some, but have also been brushed off, ignored, etc. by others and left feeling hugely disappointed. I guess that is why I try my best to listen to what people have to say, even if it's something absolutely weird (you can't imagine what people will say!!! ha) or something I've heard a hundred times before. We all have bad days where we either don't feel well, have something going on back home that has our mind a thousand miles away, etc. We deal with the same issues every day as everybody else does. Even on a bad day, I TRY my best to put any distractions aside for that time I'm in the church or venue and be what people would hope/expect me to be. Most of all, I hope that the light of Jesus will shine through me on and off stage. I just wanted to thank all of you who've commented in those regards for bringing to the front of my mind just how important that part of what we do really is. God bless and hope to see you all somewhere along the gospel road soon. Keep me and all The Kingsmen in your prayers.

    1. Yes, I suppose it would be sort of a conflict of interest for you to enter the giveaway!!!! LOL!!!! :) I cannot thank you enough for stopping by and leaving this precious comment and support to us here. What a dear and cherished blessing to us! It is hard for us to imagine you being in that position of only dreaming of doing what you are doing, because it seems that you have been doing this your whole life. But, I am so thankful you shared that thought, because it gives us hope of our own dreams maybe being fulfilled one day. I am so sorry you, too, have felt that sting of someone not acting in a Christlike hurts the most when it comes through someone you have a lot of spiritual confidence in or high expectations of...what a letdown that turns out to be. The enemy can really use those types of situations to foster discouragement, and people in the limelight just do not realize how much damage they really do when they let their success go to their heads and become so big in their own eyes. I always think of King Saul, and how God told Samuel to remind him of the time that he was "little in his own eyes". We are all so dependent upon God, how can we ever feel otherwise?? He could take it all away in an instant, and then what? God help us. Your experiences have served you well and caused you to be more aware of how this all feels from the other side of the situation, and your humility is such a gift to us all. You are a shining example of how a person serving God on the front lines should act and the image they should portray. I know you all have your own lives and problems, and it takes a lot of grace to check all of that at the door and just go in there and sing for the glory of God and the sake of the souls who are out there so needy and hungry for a blessing. It requires a lot of sacrifice and selflessness, and I appreciate your willingness to lay down your life to be poured out into the lives of others who stand in need. I was SO blessed to see that you had stopped by and that you had shared the photo and post on your Facebook page! Oh, my word, you REALLY made Zachary's day!!!! You just don't know how much you guys have come to mean to this boy!! He really respects you all and has confidence in you and values that picture! GOD BLESS YOU, and yes, we surely will continue to lift all of you in prayer. Do you remember when Zach came up and asked all four of you to sign his book? The book you signed is his prayer book. He takes that book out faithfully, and I hear him in his room just pouring out his heart in prayer over the names on those pages! He is the most faithful prayer warrior I know, and he is only 14! To GOD be the glory, and you can count on our continued prayerful support! SO very thankful you stopped just don't realize how much it means! Come by anytime!! It really brightens our day. :)

  11. Hello Cheryl, what a kind offer to share this give away with your readers. I love music, especially the music that takes us to a high level of praise. I am so uplifted by music and how fun to discover a new group. You have such a gift of writing and use words so well. Love the photo too. Thank you again.

    1. Oh, I am SO excited to be able to introduce you to the music of the Kingsmen! I promise you will NOT be disappointed. The power of the Lord is STRONG on every song. Honestly, we listen to it over and over. I have heard the song, "Oh Yes I Am" SO many times, and almost every time I hear it, I just have to cry thinking of the words about Lazarus crossing over into Heaven, and how glorious it is going to be when I do the same! I stand in our living room and worship God, as I listen to these powerful words! Thank you for your precious words of encouragement to me. They just meant SO much! And, thank you ever so much for commenting! You are now entered in the giveaway! God bless you, Linda...sending you big hugs!

  12. Thank you so much my sweet friend for offering this giveaway. I have heard the Kingsmen sing a few times on the internet and they are such a blessing. It is so sweet of you to put this together for everyone. You are such a blessing!!

    1. And, thank YOU so much, my dear friend, for stopping by and commenting! I am always abundantly blessed when I see you have come are a dear blessing to me. We are so thankful to be able to offer this, and we just felt led by God to do it. The message of this CD needs to be spread to the world. Much love and many hugs to you, dear Judith!

  13. so glad you shared your love for the kingsmen. awesome review. I actually know randy crawford, great man of God. we use to go to the same church. love you my friend.

    1. Oh, wow, Denise! How neat! That is just wonderful. I am so happy you stopped by are always such a dear blessing, and your comments are always so precious to me! Praying for you, sweet friend, and love you, too. :) God bless you always.

  14. What a generous heart you have dear Cheryl, to give away five CDs... and oh how I enjoyed hearing about your visit to their concert, and getting to meet them afterwards too! It always seems that the camera is never where it should be when it needs to be, but so glad that you finally were able to get a picture! I enjoyed reading all about your adventure, and remembered the Kingsmen so well, growing up my father loved to listen to their music. Their new CD sounds amazing, and it is so sweet of you to give 5 ofthem away. Appreciate you so much my dear friend! :)

    1. And, oh, how I appreciate YOU, too!!! You are such a dear blessing in my life. That is so neat that your Dad played the Kingsmen as you were growing up. I think it is such a wonderful thing that this group has endured the tests of time, and just as you and I listened to them growing up, now our children can listen to them in this generation. And, there is just a comfort to me in knowing there is still one band member who is the same as when we were growing up. Now, that is what you call stability! And isn't that what we all crave in this changing, unstable age? The thing is, even though there have been many changes in the Kingsmen through the years, the integrity has remained intact. If something is of God, it will prosper. If it is not, it will eventually come to nought. The consistency they have shown has really been a blessing from God, and I am just so grateful to have been there that night and for Zach to have seen this. Our children need to see this! Thank you for your dear, sweet words, and thank you for commenting! God bless you in a special way, my dear friend. Sending you much love and many hugs from across the miles!!! :)

  15. Oh, Cheryl, Zach looks so grown up in this picture! Love it! He is such a sweet boy. I'm pretty sure I saw the Kingsmen when I was growing up. They did the song "Wish You Were Here" that I told you about once that my grandpa loved so much which was also sung at his and my grandma's funeral. It always makes me think of them. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh, Amber! I know! I cry often as I realize he is not a little boy anymore!! :( He is way taller than me now. I am eternally grateful to God to be his mama. Thank you for your sweet words and for truly means SO much to me! That is SO neat that you got to see the Kingsmen while you were growing up! I remember you telling me about the Southern Gospel music that is in your family, too. That song you are talking about is so pretty...oh, my, it makes me cry, because it makes me think of Mom and Dad, and I can just imagine them telling me those things. I miss them SO much! Sometimes, it is so unbearable to miss those who have gone on before us, but, oh, one day! By God's grace, we will ALL be home, never more to be separated by good-byes or death! Praise God for that hope! Love you so much, Amber, and it was so good to hear from you here....I forget who owes who an email, but I am sure we will talk soon. God bless you, sweet friend!

  16. I'm listening now. My husband would love this!
    We had the opportunity to hear the Cathedrals at our church years ago.
    It was an evening of pure bliss! My hands clapped and clapped!

    1. Oh, wow, Laura! How neat! I wish everyone could win these CDs!!!! Yes, you and your husband both would absolutely LOVE this! God bless you, sweet friend. So thankful for your visit...I am praying for you, and sending much love your way. :)

  17. Oh Cheryl, what a wonderful and exciting time for your son :) I am so glad he was able to see them in person - what a joy! I must say that I have never heard of them until now so thank you for sharing them with us, sweet friend. You are simply precious to have this giveaway and I know whoever wins will be richly blessed.

    Much love to you!

    1. Oh, it WAS so special for him!!!! He will never forget that night! He has such a heart for God, and it just encouraged him so much to meet these guys. :) God is SO good, and He always knows exactly what we need! I am SO excited to be able to introduce the Kingsmen and their music to you. What a blessing!! And, I am still just so blessed and excited over my sweet package from your precious Etsy shop! If anyone reads this, you MUST go visit Stephanie's shop!!!! A precious friend sent me a package from there, and it is WONDERFUL!!! So thankful for you, dear friend, and sending you much love and many blessings!!! :) Thank you ever so much for entering the giveaway!!!!

  18. What a joy to be received so well by the audience. Also a very nice photo of Zack with two of the Kingsmen. I have trouble hearing the words on a CD, so please do not consider me for your gift. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    1. Thank you so much, sweet Hazel! I am so sorry to know that you wouldn't be able to hear the CD, should you win! You would be so wonderfully blessed by it, without a doubt, but I surely understand. Thank you for stopping by and leaving encouragement behind. Sending you a big hug and lots of love across the miles!

  19. Oh Cheryl ... I came here just to return your visit to me ... and here I found such a delightful and beautiful "homespun" review of the Kingsmen! This was so amazing! I am so glad that you found it to be spirit filled and as wonderful as it was --- filled by His Spirit! Such JOY! Anyways ... I did not want to comment so you'd have to count me in your giveaway but I just had to thank you for such a lovely heartfelt comment and bless you (when here I was the one that was double blessed by coming to return the visit)! We kinda know each other from Sharon's ... at least I've seen and read your comments there so thanks for venturing over to my blog and now I have yours bookmarked too. What I shared briefly is just the tip of the iceberg of course, but God just keeps on covering me. Your visit is an encouragement though so again thanks! ~Peggy~ Love the photo of Zach with the Kingsmen and the songs you shared ... it's certainly time for a Battlecry! Love trios like this. Since I'm out of the country, I'm not eligible. Really enjoyed to see Denise (and the others that know you here) and that Denise knew one of the Kingsmen! She's a dear friend of mine -now there's someone who has been through so much! We just keep praying and trusting God! He's more than enough. Bless you for the really encouraging Bible verse also!

    1. Oh, Peggy!!! Bless your dear heart! Now, I am the one who is double blessed...or would it be triple by now?? LOL!! You know, I do remember seeing your name at Sharon's blog, now that you mention it. I wasn't sure that was the same you!! SO very grateful to make your acquaintance, and to have you stop here to visit. What a dear, precious blessing! And, yes, dear Denise! What a sweet and precious one she is! I have had her and Eddie on my heart so much and have been praying for them and believing God for the miracles they need! Thank you ever so much for your encouraging and uplifting comments...oh, it has meant so much to "meet" you! I look forward to many more visits, both here, and over at your place. Sending much love to you across the miles!!! God bless you abundantly!

  20. Dear Cheryl,
    How sweet of you to have a giveaway. I would love to enter please. :-)
    What a great picture! Zach is really growing up!
    Love you, sweet friend. Have a great weekend. *hugs*

    1. Oh, dear friend! I am so thankful and happy you stopped by to enter!!!! Thank you ever so much. Oh, I know...he is growing up way too fast! I cry when I think about fact, I had a good cry tonight thinking about how I can't imagine how he could be this old already. I know you can relate with having your own, sweet Katie and her growing up so fast. I wish I could slow down time and cherish the moments more...but, alas! As I cherish them, they slip so quickly through my fingers. We are so blessed to be their mamas, and I just thank the dear Lord everyday. I hope you have a great weekend, too, and please know that I am praying for you. Love and appreciate you so much!

  21. I also have never heard of them but enjoyed very much the videos you posted. Thank you for opening this giveaway to us! :)

    1. Oh, I am SO thankful to be able to introduce you to them, JES! You will be so blessed by their music!! So grateful to be able to offer the giveaway, and thank you for entering and stopping by. It is always a blessing to know you have visited! Many blessings to you!! :)

  22. Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. What an inspiring blog you have here:) Unfortunately, I have been out of the blogging loop for a while myself so I can't say how Giner is doing. Like you, I think of her often. Nee, a regular visitor to my blog when I am blogging that is, communicates with Ginger. Perhaps she has heard from her. If you get a chance, drop by <a href="”>Nee’s Place.</a> She has a lovely blog too...

    1. Thank you ever so much, Louise! I am so grateful to have "met" you!!! I did write to Nee, so hopefully, she can shed some light about sweet Ginger! Thank you for stopping by and also for your sweet comment. God bless you, my new friend. :)

  23. Cheryl,
    I love the Kingsmen.. So happy , you got your camera to work and got a photo with Zach. [he is a handsome boy too].
    Thank you for stopping by my blog..So happy to meet another , "follower of God".. God is Awesome, always happy
    to have a friend in the Lord.
    Have a blessed week.

    1. I was so happy to meet you, too, Judy!!! Thank you for your sweet words and your kind visit! I am so happy you entered the giveaway! :) God bless you abundantly!!

  24. A little late to the party, but these guys are great! What inspiration! It continues to amaze me how God reaches into our very souls through the gift of music. Makes me wonder how I'm gonna feel when I hear the heavenly chorus...IN HEAVEN!!

    And, yes, I do hear the battle cry. I do have a sense that time is getting short, and that the powers of evil in this world are hungry and on the prowl. May God give His soldiers the strength, courage, and will to march onward.


    (Have to admit, perhaps my favorite part was seeing Zach and being able to attach a *visual* to that sweet heart of his! Too precious!!)

    1. Oh, I wish you could have entered, sweet friend!! Thank you for hearing the battle cry and for heeding the call. And thank you for your precious words about Zach. Wish you could meet would love him. Maybe one day God will work it out! Love you so much!

  25. Well now I know how I missed that last one... But glad I got to read and be inspired by your words and heart here! I love how music is used by God to inspire and motivate us. We're kindred souls, sister. Sorry! This life isn't perfect!

    Blessings to you and yours, sister.

    1. Yes, brother, we thankful for your presence in our lives and for the consistent encouragement you are to me. Sending big blessings to you and yours, too! :)

  26. Thanks for linking up at Mondays @ Soul Survival!