Thursday, October 9, 2014

PLEASE Pray For Connie Flanders & Update on Max Brown

"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven."
Matthew 18:19

I know I must sound like a broken record...
always asking...pleading for prayer for those who need it.
I apologize if it is becoming too much.
But, I just really believe God wants us to bear one another's burdens. (Galatians 6:2)
There have been so many times in my life that I have needed prayer,
and so many have been faithful to pray me through the hard places.

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I want to pay pray it forward.
Isn't that what we should do?
As members of the body of Christ?
Shouldn't we be there for one another and not turn our heads and ignore each other's needs?

Not one time did Jesus ever overlook the needs of anyone around Him.
As His faithful followers, neither should we.

At any given moment, each one of us are vulnerable to needing prayer.
When I hear of those in need of urgent prayer, one of my first thoughts is always,
"But for the grace of God, there go I."
None of us are exempt from trouble,
and into each life, at least a little rain must fall.

My heart has been deeply touched by the prayer request I have seen repeated over the past few weeks on Chris Thompson's beautiful blog, So Much At Home.
I make my way there every possible Wednesday, for her weekly link-up,
to share whatever it is that the Lord has laid upon my heart.
I always leave Chris's site encouraged and refreshed.
Her sweet spirit shines through in every post she writes.

The prayer request I keep seeing there is for her dear friend, Connie Flanders.
I have been praying for her, and each time I have recently visited So Much At Home,
 I have hoped to see that things have turned around for Connie.

So far, that hasn't happened.
So, today, with Chris' blessing, I share the prayer request for Connie here,
in hopes that you, dear readers, will add Connie to your prayer lists
and ask your churches and prayer groups to pray for her.

"...pray one for another, that ye may be healed.
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
James 5:16

Connie was admitted to the ICU on September 15th,
after going to the ER while experiencing severe pain, nausea, and vomiting.
She has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, 
caused by high triglycerides, which, at one point, were almost 8,000.
The day after she was admitted to ICU, she had a very close call,
when her blood  pressure bottomed out, and her vital signs were critical.  
The surgeon immediately came in and put a PICC line in her neck 
and transferred her to a bigger hospital.

The next day she was having trouble breathing,
 so they sedated her and put her on a ventilator. 
The following week, a CT scan showed that her pancreas was 
just as inflamed, if not more so, as it was when she was admitted. 
Sadly, a 2nd CT scan on Sept. 30th, showed the same results.  

During her time in the hospital, she has developed pneumonia, but thank the dear Lord,
her lungs are all clear now.  
Her lung doctor says she isn't ready to come off of the vent, 
but they are moving it out of her mouth and inserting it into her trachea tomorrow (Friday)
 The doctors still have her sedated.  
She has had low-grade fevers, but her vitals are good, at this point. 

Her current condition is critical, but stable.

In Chris's own words...
"Connie has always been so full of life.  
She's always cutting up and making others laugh. 
 She plays like a kid and always has a little song or dance.  
It is extremely hard to see her down like this.

The past few years have been hard on her and her family.  
During that time, she had been by her mother's side,
 as her mother went through a liver transplant and a long illness 
before she went to be with the Lord.   
After her mother's death, she began caring for her in-laws. 
They also died during the past few years."

Connie needs a miracle, dear friends.
Her husband, Mickey, is tired and has not been able
 to leave her side to go to work since this happened.
Please pray for him, along with their two daughters, Sydney and Christin,
and their son, Richard.

Mickey & Connie Flanders

Let's stand in the gap for Connie and pray her through this crisis.
Your prayers for this dear family, especially Connie, are most appreciated!

Also, I have one small update on Max Brown, from his mommy, Shyla...

"With Max's injury there was a big possibility that the muscles he uses to breathe could be paralyzed, and if that was the case he would have the trach and cpap for the rest of his life. Ultrasound was done yesterday and, thank the lord, the muscles were working. 
It let them know his main problem is the mucus he has a lot of and the brace that he has on. 
The brace comes off soon, so hopefully, the rest comes off soon after."

Praise God for this wonderful news!!
God is working in this situation in so many amazing ways!

And, in case you missed seeing the videos I posted here in the last post,
I am posting them here again.
Take a look!
(Also, if you are an email subscriber, it will be necessary for you to visit the
Homespun Devotions site by clicking here, in order to view the videos.  
I apologize, but they will not come through via email.)

Here is Max moving his legs and arms....

This is Makeya using her arms to move her wheelchair...

This is Makeya visiting Max in his hospital room....

It just warms my heart and blesses my soul each time I see these!!!
It is wonderful to watch these miracles unfold!

If  anyone would like to send the Brown family a card of encouragement,
please contact me, and I will provide the mailing address to you, individually.

If anyone would like to make a monetary donation to this family,
there are two ways to donate.
1.  An account has been set up for this purpose at a local bank.

Please mail donations to:

Citizen's Deposit Bank & Trust
P. O. Box 9
Vanceburg, KY  41179
Please write "For Brown Family" on the memo line of check.
2.  You may donate online by clicking HERE.

Most of all, please continue to lift them to our Heavenly Father in prayer.

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  1. Glad to hear that max is on the road to recovery!! Im soo sorry to hear about Connie, it sounds like shes a wonderful woman. She plus her dear family will be added to my prayers.
    Both the Browns Family and the Flanders Family will remain in my prayers. Thanks for the continuous updates and the new additions of people that are in major need of our prayers. You truly are a blessing. May our Lord be with you and your family always.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol. You always encourage and bless me when you come by. God bless you richly in return!

  2. Cheryl, I thank you so much! This is a beautiful post that you published for Connie. I am also following the Brown family and praying for those precious babies. We will get results of the CT scan this morning, and I pray that it will show Connie's pancreas getting better. I thank everyone for the prayers!
    God bless you.
    Love ya!

    1. You are so very welcome, dear friend. I am so honored to stand in the gap with you for Connie. Thank you so much for praying for the Browns, and I will be looking forward to hearing back from you about Connie's CT scan. Love you!

  3. P.S. I shared this on my blog too. Thank you for everything.
    God bless.
    Love ya

    1. So happy you shared it at your beautiful blog...I just went by there, and it looks so nice. Hoping to hear good news from your direction soon concerning that CT scan result. :) Much love to you.

  4. I am in so much agreement with you. I, too, always feel like we should all be praying more for each other. One thing that bothers me is that it seems that a lot of times when you ask for prayer, people either think you're begging for something, or else they want to "do" something. Now sometimes we ARE called to act, but I believe other times, we are just supposed to pray. I think it not only is a lesson for the person in need, but also for the one praying. Sometimes I think people miss an opportunity from God because they are too consumed with saving the person themselves, rather than "just" praying for them and believing. I hope you understand what I'm saying. I'm not saying we shouldn't help others--but I think that people aren't praying like they should because they want to do everything themselves. So...YES!...we should certainly pray for all the people in your post, and no, I don't think you're asking for prayer too much. I don't even believe that's a thing. ha, ha.

    Thank you for your dedication to God and others and all of your prayers. :) I am praying for you, as well.

    1. Bless your dear heart! I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to know that you are praying for me. I just appreciate it so much. Prayer warriors need prayer, too. You are such a faithful encourager and support to me here. I am praying for you, too. I have had you on my mind and heart so much. I loved the thoughts you shared, and yes, I know exactly what you mean. If we only realized it, praying for someone is the most powerful thing we could ever do for the, and prayer is the strongest weapon we could ever wield. Mom used to tell me, "Cheryl, prayer is a long-range weapon." She was so right. It will reach as far as it needs to. Let's keep praying for each other and for these other needs. I know it is making a difference!

  5. Yes, prayer changes everything!

  6. Cheryl, I am now adding Connie and her family to my prayer list. And never apologize for continuing to bring these requests to us all. It's at least one of the main privileges of being a part of the Body of Christ. We can pray for others.

    "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." (James 5:16, NLT)

    The Lord is near to those who are brokenhearted, and He comforts them in their sorrows. And always, no matter what happens, He is at work with His perfect purposes and His unchanging love.


    (Max and Makeya - I have no words!!)

    1. Oh, dear friend...thank you SO much for your understanding, prayers, friendship, support, and encouragement. You are so faithful! Thank you for continuing to bear the burdens of others. God bless you!

  7. Cheryl: You have such a beautiful heart for others. It's a blessing that is sure to have ripple effects all across the earth and heaven itself.

    1. Oh, Beth! You touched me so deeply by your sweet words. I can't thank you enough!

    2. I agree completely! You have made countless ripple effects! Thanks for visiting Saturday! I hope you can come again!!
      Love ya

  8. 'Lord we place these loved ones into your care and trust you that your will be done for each one.

    Cheryl you must step back and get some rest for your weary soul.

    Thank you for sharing your prayer requests with us here at “Tell Me a True Story."

    1. Yes, may the dear Lord take care of each one and send the healing they need. God bless you, dear Hazel. :)

  9. Cheryl,

    I came to thank you for dropping in and commenting and joining us at LAWN TEA, and see that you are filled and overflowing with your ministry. I'm in prayer for your friends now, and for you, as well. I sometimes wonder if even our angels get tired and need their rest and lifting up, to continue the journey and the chain.

    Special prayers for your strength and perseverance, as well.


    1. Oh, Rachel! How sweet your words were to me just now! Thank you ever so much for stopping by, and for speaking His encouragement to me tonight. God bless you abundantly!!

  10. Praying in agreement for a miracle, and praising God for answered prayers and continued healings!

    1. Thank you, Karrilee!! Your prayers and visit here are so appreciated!

  11. Update! The doctors have lowered the sedation medication, and Connie is AWAKE! She is still on the vent, but I am so glad that they finally let her wake up. Last I heard, she is calm. She can't speak because of the vent in her trachea, but Mickey said that she moves her lips. I have no news about her pancreas yet. Last I heard, it was about the same, BUT I feel that is about to change! Thanks for the prayers!!
    Love ya

    1. Oh, Chris!!! All I can say is, PRAISE GOD!!!! This is wonderful news! I will include it in an update on my next post. Oh, God is good! To Him be the glory! Thank you for letting me know. Love you, sweet friend.