Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Urgent Prayers Needed For Farming Accident Victim!!! (& Update on Max & Makeya)

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."
Psalm 46:1

Please pray for Jaadil,a 15 year old boy,
who lives at the "Master's Ranch" in Myrtle, Missouri,
 administrated by Pastor Dave Bosley, and his wife, Tresa.
  The boy was involved in a very serious farming accident this evening
and is in much need of prayer.
These are the details of his injury that were emailed to us by a friend.

"He and another boy from the ranch were on a tractor, cutting hay. 
As I understand it, this boy that got hurt was riding on the tractor and fell off. 
The tractor wheel ran over a portion of his body, 
and then the hay cutting machine caught him and started to pull him in. 
The other boy was able to get it stopped before it pulled him completely in. 
It was the mercy of God that he was not killed! 
But he is seriously hurt. 
He was flown to the trauma center in Memphis.
 I heard the commotion of ambulance sirens going down to our old home place, 
so I hurried down there to see what was going on. 
When I first walked up on the scene, I thought the poor boy was dead. 
But then I saw his arm move. 
The ambulance personnel were working with him. 
It appeared his head was hurt the worst. 
His lips were pretty much mangled. 
He also had cuts on other parts of his body. 
There was a lot of excitement and tears being shed by members of the family, staff members of the boy's ranch, and especially the other boy who had been driving the tractor. 
He was the most emotionally distraught of all of them.
Mrs. Bosley was praying with him and trying to comfort him. 
I stood by and agreed with her in prayer. 
It was a touching scene. I assured them we would be praying for them all."

Please pray for this dear boy's healing, comfort for the boy who was with him,
Pastor Bosley and his wife, Tresa, 
the family, staff members, and all who were affected by this awful tragedy.

I am sure the images of this scene will be very hard to get out of their minds,
and they will need lots of prayers for peace during this time.

You can read about Master's Ranch and learn more about them and their ministry
and needs by clicking here.

On a more joyful note,
I do have some GREAT news to share about Max & Makeya Brown!

Here is the latest words from their Mommy, Shyla....

"As of yesterday Max is no longer on vent but on cpap which means that he is breathing on his own they r just helping his lungs stay open. 
He has learned to trick the vent and said love you daddy and mommy this morning. 
I called mom and then he said mammaw and pappaw to her over the phone. 
He is doing amazing. 
THE TUBE IS GONE!!!! Off Keyas face."

Praise our dear and wonderful Lord!!
These miracles in the making continue to unfold right before our very eyes!
Every step of progress is a huge reason to rejoice.

I imagine hearing that little fellow say, "Love you Daddy and Mommy"
and "Mammaw and Pappaw" was the sweetest sounding music to their ears!
This is the little boy, who just a short time ago, hung in the balance between life and death.
This is the little girl, who was "supposed" to be paralyzed from the neck down
and who is now using those arms to throw a ball and knock down bowling pins!

I still believe God is going to completely heal and restore Max AND Makeya,
and one day, I believe they will walk again, in Jesus' name.


If  anyone would like to send the Brown family a card of encouragement,
please contact me, and I will provide the mailing address to you, individually.

If anyone would like to make a monetary donation to this family,
there are two ways to donate.
1.  An account has been set up for this purpose at a local bank.

Please mail donations to:

Citizen's Deposit Bank & Trust
P. O. Box 9
Vanceburg, KY  41179
Please write "For Brown Family" on the memo line of check.
2.  You may donate online by clicking HERE.

Most of all, please continue to lift them to our Heavenly Father in prayer.

(To read previous posts about the Brown Family,
 and 3RD UPDATE,


  1. My heart aches as I read about this young man. I'm praying God's light will shine throughout his healing, and that the healing will be complete. Paying for all involved. Rejoicing with you on the praise report. Praying your own heart will be uplifted as you carry these burdens for your friends. ~Pamela

    1. Thank you so much, Pamela! What sweet, comforting words! God is already working in amazing ways, and I will post an update later tonight, Lord willing!! God bless you.

  2. Oh dear, how sad. I have added this prayer request to my list. Have already prayed, and will continue to do so. I am looking at the world's news reports, and at the individual stories of believers, and I am growing more and more convinced that *time is short*. Bad and evil things are increasing, but they will never win. Let us continue to be ready - let's continue to serve our Lord by putting our feet on the ground and help and reach out to others, while always keeping our eyes on the sky.


    1. Yes, dear friend, let us do just that! Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for the many requests I post to this blog. I do believe what you said..that time is short, and we have to keep motivated to do all we can for Jesus before He comes. So blessed by your visit, as always. God bless you!!

  3. I will be praying for this poor boy! Living on a farm, I know there are so many hazards. And so happy to hear the good news on the Brown family!! We serve an awesome God!

    1. YES, He is an awesome God! I am so thankful to be living for Him and what a privilege to carry everything to Him in prayer! All glory be to GOD for all He has done and will still do in answer to the faith we place in Him and the prayers we pray. Thank you for your prayers, and God bless you and keep you and your family safe on your farm...always. Wow, I looked around your blog, and your farm is HUGE!! You must enjoy that kind of life so much. It was neat that you were chosen as the host farm for all of those people to come and enjoy. I am sure everyone had a great time!!

  4. Oh my God, oh my God - Thankfully the other boy knew how to think on his feet. I hope he comes through fine and I hope the boy that stopped it realizes he did a good thing. This is a wake up call (at least to me) as to all the tragedy that goes on while we think we have problems. Don't know what problems are until you hear stories like this.

    1. I know what you mean, Serena. You think you are having a bad day, then you read about someone who is going through so much more than you are. It really makes us thankful and helps us to put things in perspective. Thank you so much for your visit today. God bless you!