Monday, August 11, 2014


"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; 
and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying,
neither shall there be any more pain;
for the former things are passed away."
Revelation 21:4

Left to Right:  Quinton (5),  Neveya (1), Max (2), Makeya (6)

Little Quinton Brown has now been laid to rest,
and this precious, hurting family is left to pick up the pieces and press on,
facing enormous difficulty and trial in addition to the deep grief of missing him.

I was given permission to share Shyla's words...
they are heart-wrenching, to say the least.

I quote,

"Hold your babies closer u never know what the future brings. What I am going through I would not wish on my worse enemy. Please continue to pray for my babies.

My baby boy got 2 things he wanted yesterday thanks to the sheriffs dept and the county. He told me he wanted to be in the parade and he wanted to be a cop. Yesterday he was in his own parade as people stood outside and watched us go through. Johnny Bevins gave him a badge which is hooked to his shirt and he got a police mans funeral as the officers saluted as we went by. My baby boy I am sure loved it he got his dream. 

Got 2 see my big girl it was very hard to leave. She is so scared. Got a message last night saying Max was off vent and was on bipap but he is now back on vent because he was just to tired to breath on his own headed back up there to c him. Please pray for my babies.

The doctors and nurses tell me over and over my babies will never walk and will never feel from chest down but they cannot tell me that.  Only God can.
They first told after Keya's surgery that... she would be paralyzed from neck down but she woke up slapping the nurse.  She proved them wrong once.  And if they are, then they will race each other in their wheelchairs taking turns giving Neveya rides.  But that is in God's hands."

The outpouring of love and compassion in the Vanceburg, KY area for this family has been truly amazing.
So many have come forward to help and raise funds and be Jesus' hands and feet.
It is so heartwarming to know that there are still kind-hearted, caring people in this world.
The way they have risen to the occasion of a neighbor's need 
really helps restore one's faith in the human race.

And, I just want to say that I have been SO blessed over the past few days
by the overwhelming love and compassion that you have shared with this precious family through this blog.
I want you to know that I am passing along every, single one of your comments to them.
I know they will be comforted and blessed knowing there are people from all over the world...
praying for them, loving them, empathizing with them, and helping to bear the burden of their grief.

This accident has affected countless lives.
Little Quinton's death has broken thousands of hearts.
Knowing little 6 year old Makeya and 2 year old Max may never walk again
has tugged at innumerable heartstrings.

Just over a week ago, the Brown family's world was normal.
They faced the every day ups and downs that are common to us all.
In a a split instant....all of that changed.
Their world was turned completely upside down...their hearts turned inside out.
Their sense of "normal" was permanently jerked from their grasp,
never to be returned to them again.
Their hearts are crushed....permanently altered.
The hurt will lessen...over time.
The pain will they are forced to put one foot in front of the other
for the sake of those who remain.

 But life for the Brown family will never be the same....ever again.

I can't type these words without tears.
I can't think of Steven and Shyla, these grand-parents, and all who are grieving
 without feeling overwhelming compassion.
I can't gaze into their foreseeable future,
 (not that any speck of any of our futures are available for the viewing),
without feeling a twinge of despair and hopelessness.

Not only is their sweet boy missing...
from their dinner table, their church pew, their family circle,
but two other of their babies lie paralyzed...on hospital two different states.

I cannot even pretend to understand how ripped and torn and shredded they must feel....
wanting to be both places at the same time.
Grieving each time they can't be.

I can't imagine how it felt when Shyla had to leave Max's side to return home for Quinton's funeral,
only to rush back to Max immediately after.

These dear ones were not given the opportunity to adequately process one tragedy before having to face a new one.
All of this grief is happening at the same time.
It seems like it is more than human could ever endure.

What they would not give for AN ORDINARY DAY!
For just one more day with their four babies gathered around it used to be...
not so long ago.

I thought about Shyla's advice...
wrenched from a broken-beyond-belief heart.
Standing where she stands, I think we all should listen.

We should love our loved ones and children and hold them closer than ever before.
We should never take one moment for granted.
We should never assume that things will always be the way they are right now.
Most of us have lived long enough to know things don't always stay the way they are.
We should never underestimate or undervalue the priceless gift of an ordinary day.

Hug your children.
Tell them you love them.
Forgive their rebellion.
Let them know your love is unconditional.
If there is a rift in your relationship, do everything within your power to repair it...
even if it means you are the one who does the humbling...
even if it means they never say they're sorry.
Think about how it would feel if you were in Steven's or Shyla's shoes.
Imagine life without the ones you love.

The brevity of life is inevitable.
Jesus' brother, James said,
"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  
For what is your life?
It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14

Just a vapor....that "dash" between our date of birth and our date of death.
No one knows when life will end.

That is why it is so important that we...
"Hold who needs holdin',
mend what needs mendin',
walk what needs walkin',
though it means an extra mile;
say what needs sayin',
pray what needs prayin',
'cause we're only here for a little while."

Written by Wayland Holyfield and Richard Leigh
Recorded by Billy Dean

Please take a moment to listen...

If video doesn't load, click HERE.
(I apologize for any offensive ads that may appear before the video.)

How about you, my dear friend?
Any unsaid apologies?
Isn't it high time you said, "I'm sorry"?
Unforgiven offenses?
Isn't it time to bury the hatchet and just let it go?
Long over-due "I love yous"?
Isn't it time to swallow your pride and let them know how much you care?
Neglected parents, grand-parents, or other loved ones?
Isn't it time to pick up the phone or drop in for a visit?
Imagine the light on their just the sight of you or the sound of your voice.

Regret is a heavy burden.
Why not do what needs to be done while there is still time and opportunity?

Nothing ever drove home the point of my own mortality more than losing both of my precious parents.
Standing by both of their dying bedsides and saying good-bye to them,
emphasized more than anything else ever has that, ready or not, death is a river we all must one day cross.

May God help us all to leave this world with a conscience that is clear,
both between Him and us and between us and every one we love.
Now is the day of salvation.
Today is the day to right wrongs and mend fences.
Don't let it go another day...whatever it is in your life that needs to be done.
Just do it.  Do it now.

None of us can imagine the sorrow in the Brown family's heart.
None of us can, that is.
But, Jesus can.
He was a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
Isaiah 53:3

It is because of Him that we have hope...when all other hope is gone.
It is because He arose from the dead that we know we will rise again
to meet Him in peace and be reunited with our dear departed loved ones.
What a blessed hope is this!
An anchor for our storm-tossed souls!

PLEASE keep the Brown family in your continued prayers.
Please pass along their requests to any and all prayer warriors you know.
Let's keep bombarding Heaven for the healing of little 2 year old Max and 6 year old Makeya.
We are believing God to heal both of their bodies and allow both of them to walk again.
As far as I know, Max will have surgery on his spinal cord this week.
Please pray that God will be a very present force in that operating room and guide the surgeon's hands.
Let's hold Steven, Shyla, and the rest of this dear family close in thought and consistent prayer.

If anyone would like to send an e-card to Max and/or Makeya's hospital room, 
you may do so by clicking on the following links:

For Makeya - click HERE, and her room number is 5111.

For Max - click HERE, and his room number is 36.

If  anyone would like to send the family a card of encouragement,
please contact me, and I will provide the mailing address.

If anyone would like to make a monetary donation to this family,
there are two ways to donate.

1.  An account has been set up for this purpose at a local bank.
Please mail donations to:
Citizen's Deposit Bank & Trust
P. O. Box 9
Vanceburg, KY  41179
Please write "For Brown Family" on the memo line of check.

2.  You may donate online by clicking HERE.

Most of all, please pray.


  1. Thank you for updating us on this precious family's brave walk through a horrible time of pain and loss. We are praying and will continue to do so.

    1. Thank you so much. I am passing along all comments to them. God bless you for reaching out.

  2. So sorry for this family - so hard. Jesus be near! Praying now.

    1. Thank you, Caroline. They surely need your continued prayers. God bless you.

  3. Lots of love, encouragement & prayers coming your way from the state of Virginia

    1. Thank you, Cathy. So grateful for all of the outpouring of love and support for this dear family. God bless you.

  4. My kids and I are praying this morning! We would love to have the address so wen send them cards and pictures!

    1. Thank you so much, Carrie. I emailed you privately. God bless you.

  5. Cheryl, you know how I feel - the images are heart-wrenching. And I am not even closely connected. I cannot comprehend how this family must feel. I can only turn to a God who is somehow bigger than this world, and pray with all my heart that HE does some kind of miraculous work of comfort and peace and healing.

    I have company coming, so I'm pressed for time right now - but I will email you in a day or so to get information for sending some messages to the family.

    Thank you for keeping us posted.


    1. I do know, Sharon. Only God is able to do what they need at this dark hour. That is fine...I will look forward to hearing from you when you are ready. God bless you.

  6. My prayers are with this precious family may our great God of healing be upon both of those children and may Jesus mend there broken hearts and help them to know there son is with him. God bless you all.

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy. Your kind words and prayers mean so much. God bless you.

  7. I had to smile about the nurse being slapped - actually that is a very good sign. The sheriffs and police were very kind at the funeral march. Thank you for sharing your heart felt post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” At:

    1. Thank you, Hazel, for stopping by here and for your kind words. God bless you.

  8. It is a precious thing that this family has champions like you who will not let us forget to pray. Thank you for the updates.

    1. Oh, Beth! Your precious words meant SO much to me! I can't thank you enough. God bless you for blessing me when I needed it most.

  9. I am speechless….utterly speechless!!!! Jesus hold their hands, their hearts, and everything within them as they go through this horrible time!!!!

    1. Bless your heart, Lana. Thank you for sharing in their pain. I will be sure to forward your comments on to them. God bless you.

  10. I do not know these dear people, but we are connected thru the family of God, and I have held them up to Him in my prayers...I have shed tears on their behalf! I cannot fathom the heart wrenching pain they are feeling. I pray that He will be their constant source of Strength in the days to come!!

    1. Yes, my friend, you are so right...we are all connected as members of the body of Christ. When one member suffers, all others suffer, too. It touches me deeply that you are sharing their pain and tears during this devastating time. I can't thank you enough. God bless you.

  11. Wondering how the Brown family is? Any progress with the little ones? This has touched my heart. Praying!

    1. Thank you so much for your concern and prayers. Yes, there have been two updates since this one. You are more than welcome to click on them in the right side-bar and read what God is doing in the lives of this dear family! God bless you!

  12. Thank you for the update. This is so heartbreaking! The prayers with continue...