Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Glad He Knew

"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee..."
Jeremiah 1:5 (KJV)

I already miss hearing Mom's stories.
I wish I would have listened closer to them.
I have this fear of forgetting them
or at least forgetting parts of them.
I wish I would have written things down.

One of my favorite stories that she used to love to tell me
was the one about when she was carrying me before I was born.
Early in her pregnancy, she felt sure that she was with child.
But, for some reason, the doctor contended that she was not.
He was convinced that the cause of her symptoms 
was an ovarian cyst.
He told her that if she was expecting a child,
as the pregnancy progressed and the baby grew
the cyst would also grow,
and that it would burst and kill her and the baby.

Terrified, she was taken into surgery.
She went under the surgeon's knife,
and what do you think he found when got in there?

An ovarian cyst?
Not hardly.
Just a four-month-old-female fetus,
an unborn baby girl...
fighting for life,
and probably squirming as far away as she possibly could...
from the surgeon's knife.

Mom came through the surgery just fine,
and, amazingly, so did I.
I've thought about that story many times
and considered all of the things that could have gone wrong.
The trauma could have caused Mom to miscarry.
The scalpel could have slipped.
Since he didn't truly believe there was a baby in there,
could he have made the incision at the wrong place?

All I know is that Mom continued to carry me full-term,
and I was born on a Saturday morning that following September.
A healthy, bouncing baby girl...
full of zest for life and hope for good things to come.

I love to take Zachary's baby book out now and then
and look at his ultrasound picture.
I don't suppose they had those options
all those years ago when Mom was expecting me.
I marvel at modern technology
and how they can now see inside
a woman's womb.
How they can tell the baby's gender
and even see its features.

On Zachary's ultrasound,
it looks like he is smiling.

I remember looking at that picture countless times
when I was pregnant, and feeling like I could not wait until
the day he was out of my belly
and into my arms.
I couldn't wait to see that round little face, in person,
smiling up at me....
brightening even the darkest of days.

I thank God for every day of life He has given.
I am so grateful for His all-seeing eyes
that were upon me in my mother's womb.
That were upon Zachary in my womb.
We both survived a lot to get here safe.
I don't think so.

And, even though there were no ultrasound pictures
to confirm my existence before birth,
God saw me.
He knew I was there.
I was being looked after
long before I knew I needed to be.
He had a plan,
and I was a part of it.
He kept me safe from harm.
He spared my life.

He told Jeremiah,
"Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee;
and before thou camest forth out of the womb
I sanctified thee,
and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."

Isaiah said,
"The Lord hath called me from the womb;
from the bowels of my mother hath He made mention of my name."
(Isaiah 49:1)

God has a special plan and purpose for every life.
His eyes are upon every unborn baby in the womb of its mother.
He already knows each unformed embryo.
He sees the end of our life from the moment of our conception....
 and every moment in between.

Just as God knew Jeremiah,
set him apart for His use,
orchestrated a unique course for his life,
designed a calling that only he could fulfill....
God has a plan for you, too.

Just as God called Isaiah from the womb,
and made mention of his name,
He calls to you, too.

Before you were formed in the belly,
He knew you.

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