Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Purple Flowers

"The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come..."

Song of Solomon 2:1  (KJV)

Remember the old song, "Land of Beautiful Flowers"?

The first verse says,

"I know there is a land of beautiful flowers,
Where we will meet again when life is o'er;
Where we will while away the endless hours,
On heaven’s bright eternal shore."

Here's a beautiful version of it sung by Sonya Isaacs and Vince Gill.

If video doesn't load, click here.

When Mom was partially passing over....that early morning...with TSALMAVETH standing near her bed, she told me later that she saw flowers.
They were purple.
She always loved lavender and orchid....beautiful shades of purple.

Mom's request was to buried near her precious family.
We did our utmost to fulfill her every wish.
Being out of state, I wasn't able to be there to help make the arrangements.

When we arrived there for Mom's funeral, my dear brother and sister-in-law had made such beautiful, appropriate choices....for our dear Mother's burial.
They did a perfect job.
Everything was just exactly the way Mom....and I, would have chosen.

Mom's casket was the loveliest shade of light purple....with exquisite roses all along the sides and corners.

(Photo by Angela Gellenbeck)

I have never seen a prettier casket.

The flowers they chose were lavender roses with white carnations.

Such a fitting, gentle combination....for the most genteel of ladies.

(Photo by Angela Gellenbeck)

Mom would have loved those flowers.
Especially, the roses.

As some of our family and friends traveled together with us towards home, we decided to take the route that led us through West Virginia.
As we drove along, we saw the most amazing thing.
In all of my travels to and from this beautiful state, I have never seen what I saw this time.
All over, scattered here, scattered there, were the most beautiful wildflowers.

The fact that there were wildflowers is not unusual.
There are always wildflowers in WV in the spring.

The striking part this time was their color.

They were everywhere I looked.

In far, distant fields....

alongside the road....

on the sides of hills.

Growing randomly, scattered and planted strategically, by none other than our wonderful Lord.

In such a comforting color....her color....mixed in with soft white.

Where were the reds, yellows, & pinks?

I'm sure they were scattered here and there.
But, the dear, sweet Comforter wanted me to see the purple ones.
So, He brought us to them, time after time after time.

Mom always loved the springtime.
It was her favorite season.
When everything was springing to new life.
She hated the deadness of winter.

How fitting, that our dear Creator called her home in the spring.

She has sprung to new life....eternal life.
Never to suffer or die again.

The flowers He planted for us to see were so pretty.

I can only imagine how vibrant and lovely the ones are that she saw...while crossing over.
The ones she is seeing....right now....all the time....for eternity.

I wish I could get just a little glimpse of them.

Perhaps.....scattered on West Virginia hillsides, I did.

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