Thursday, April 5, 2012

Careless Seeds

"...whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."  
Galatians 6:7  (KJV)

"What you sow will grow."

One year, Zachary took a handful of seeds out of a pumpkin we had bought and threw them carelessly into the front yard....just for fun.
He then forgot about them.

One day, we walked outside, and we spotted signs of something growing.
 Zach reminded me of the pumpkin seeds.
Soon, we had nice, pretty pumpkins....a result of the carelessly-tossed seeds.

They added beautiful color along our sidewalk.

Seeds we sow will grow.  

Carelessly-tossed seeds....thrown, then never given a second thought....will sprout, break through the dirt, and grow.  
And they will produce exactly what they are supposed to.

If the seed is a pumpkin seed, a pumpkin will grow.
If it is a sunflower seed, a sunflower will grow.
If the seed is love, then love will grow.
If it is hate....well, you get the picture.

I am reminded of a time someone deeply hurt Zachary's feelings.  We were in a crowd, and he was among his peers, minding his own business, when an adult came along and did something to him that embarrassed him horribly.  The moment passed quickly, but it didn't end there.  The more he thought about it, the more he resented this person.  To this day, when her name is mentioned to him, he recoils and expresses his deep dislike for her.  

An unkind seed...carelessly tossed...continues to grow and breed bitterness and ill will.

I stood and watched it happen.

I remember how he turned to me with tears in his eyes...not wanting to cry.  
Not wanting to embarrass himself further.  Not wanting to make a bigger scene.  

I saw the was deep.  The mother-heart in me ached.

How could she?  Why did she have to be so impudent, so uncaring, so insensitive, to the impressionable feelings of a child?  

I said nothing.  It would have done no good.  I realized quickly that the seed was sown.  
It couldn't be plucked back up.  
The damage was done.

All I could do was try to pick up the pieces and deal with the aftermath.  
And prompt him to Christ has forgiven him.

She went on her way, never realizing the impact of what she had done.

It taught me a lesson and is a continual reminder....each time I see his reaction to hearing her name.

Careless seeds.  So thoughtlessly sown.  Such long-lasting consequences.

We are sowing seeds every day.  
By the choices we make.  
By the actions we take.  By our treatment of others.  

What we sow will ultimately grow.
We cannot ever completely undo things that are done.
We can't go back and remove the seed.
We can apologize.
We can regret.
We can wish to do it over.
But, in reality, what's done, is done.

What do you want to reap in your life's garden?

Sow the right seeds.

Your garden will bloom.

And, the harvest will be just what you were hoping for.

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  1. Wonderful-I do believe this is the clearest explanation of 'sowing seeds' I have ever read or heard. Zach's pumpkin seeds and the unkind words-both illustrated your point perfectly! And we should all be aware of how often we can sow seeds for good.