Tuesday, March 13, 2012

20/20 Hindsight

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."  Isaiah 55:9 (KJV)

I stood looking out the 7th floor window of Mom's hospital room watching as Kevin and Zachary walked to our car, then kept my eyes on the car until it drove down the long entrance and turned out of sight.  Kevin was taking Zach to the toy store to give him a reprieve from the long hours spent sitting and waiting day after day.  He needed a break.

As I watched them, I prayed that God would protect them and keep them in his care.  They couldn't see me watching, and I thought of how powerless I would be from such a distance to help them should they be in need of my help.  I could see them, but I was too far away to reach out to them or for them to even hear my voice if I needed to warn them of impending danger.

My thoughts turned toward God and how He is up high, but He is looking low...way down to this earth...even low enough to watch over us, as small and insignificant as we are in His sight.  He is always watching.  He never sleeps.  He never tires.  He has His eye on us at all times, under all circumstances.

As He watches, He is not powerless to help us.  I believe He orchestrates the details of our lives to protect us from harm.  When He sees danger ahead, He allows us to be detained or detoured, so we miss it.  We complain about the delays and interruptions in our lives, when all along many of them are designed by God's providential care.

As I was looking out the window that day, I could see many things happening around Kevin and Zach.  Cars dashing this way and that, people walking in and out.  God sees the whole picture of our lives with all of the surrounding details, and He controls our footsteps accordingly.

But unlike me watching my husband and child, powerless to reach them, we are never too far for God to reach.  We are never beyond the length of His arm.  We never drift to the point of His inability to touch us with His nail-scarred hand.

Unlike me, standing high above them, outside of the scope of their hearing, we are never so distant from our Heavenly Father that we cannot hear His voice.  It can reach us...right where we are.

He sees when we need Him, and He is right there.  Always.  Faithfully.

Sometimes, we don't see it, at the time.  Many times, we question Him and wonder what He is doing.  There are moments that we do not sense His presence, and we wonder if He is really there.  But, later, as we look back, we see that He always was.  He never left.

Remember "Footprints"?  About the person who had the dream and saw their footprints along a beach next to the footprints of the Lord?  They questioned that at the lowest points of their life, they only saw one set of footprints.  Why did it appear that God had forsaken them in the worst of times?  Then God explained that it was during those times that He carried them.

We look back through hindsight and see that the one set of footprints we see weren't ours at all, but prints of a much bigger foot.  

I had some lingering questions in my mind concerning a very painful time and situation in my life.  Recently, God spoke to me and clarified something that made things come into focus.  He showed me that He had pulled me out of a certain unbearable situation because of something else that was happening that I had never seen or realized before.  I sat there completely amazed at God's love.  How He cared enough to pull me out of harm's way, before it was too late.  He has been my Savior on more occasions than I can count.

I often think of the verse in a song that goes like this..."and in mercy His wisdom the flames may have sent, that my soul greater woe might be spared."  In other words, He may have allowed the pain to pull us out of the way of something far worse.

Sometimes, we don't see that when it is happening.  We are too caught up in the moment...the anguish...to get a clear view of what is happening.  But, later....looking back through hindsight, it is amazingly clear.

Another song phrase I love is, "As I look o'er the past, I behold, how His wide arms of mercy held me."  So very true.  I may not have always been able to feel it, sense it, or see it...at the time...but it was happening.  And now that I look back, I see it with clear visibility.

All along, He was holding me, when I was unable to go a step further on my own. 

I was standing 7 stories above Kevin and Zach.  I could see a lot, but I couldn't see it all.  And once they drove out of my line of vision, I could no longer see them at all.  

God could.  Nothing escapes His all-seeing eye.  He never lost sight of them.  

He never loses sight of any of us.  

One day, we will look back on the things we are going through today and realize...that even in the darkness...He was always in control.  

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