Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Last Quail

“…But (Christ) made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.”  Philippians 2:7 (KJV)

He made Himself of no reputation.  The Son of God.  The Creator of the Universe.  The Lord of lords and King of kings made Himself of no reputation.  He was in Heaven living in a perfect world, at one with His Father.  He could have stayed there and empathized with mankind from a distance.  Isn’t that what we would all rather do?  Empathize from a distance?  But, He made the choice to leave Heaven, come down, and do what?  Live the life of a king?  Be born in a palace with servants to do His bidding and live all of His days in luxury and peace?  Is this what Jesus did?  Quite the opposite…He made Himself of no reputation.  He laid it all down.  He took upon Him the form of a servant.  Lowered Himself to the lowest station in life…intentionally. 

Have you ever felt walked on?  Abused?  Neglected?  Totally disregarded?  Like your opinions don’t count, your feelings aren’t important, and it doesn’t really matter to others how they are treating you?  Please allow me to share a lesson with you that God got across to me a while back.  I was in a very trying place, endeavoring to do my utmost, yet completely trodden down by the ones around me.  The devil was really having a “hay day” bringing a lot of non-Christlike thoughts to my mind, and I was feeling like I should maybe stand up for myself.  To stop letting people treat me as if I were invisible and as if my opinions didn’t matter, though I was in a position where they should have had the utmost regard. 

One day, I was doing school with Zachary, and he was studying the pecking order of quails.  The top quail can peck all of the other quails, but none of them are allowed to peck back.  The second quail in the pecking order can peck everyone except the first quail.  The third quail can peck everyone except the first two.  On and on it goes, until we reach the last quail.  The very last quail.  This quail can be pecked by ALL of the other quails; yet it cannot peck back.  No matter what.  The still, small voice of our loving Lord spoke to me that day, and He said, “Child, that is you.  You are the last quail.”  I thought, “But, Lord, that is not fair.  They are not doing me right.”  And, I went on and on trying to convince our all-wise, all-knowing Heavenly Father that surely there was a mistake.  I should not be going through all of this.  That it was too much.  That I didn’t deserve it., and how hard I was trying to do my best.  On and on I talked, when finally, gently, God spoke to me and reminded me of the cross!  Of Jesus hanging there, though He didn’t have to.  Of the self-sacrificing life He lived so that I could have this great salvation!

I felt so ashamed.  How could ANYthing I ever go through compare even in the smallest degree with what He suffered for me?  He MADE Himself of no reputation.  When the abusers were inflicting their injustices, He didn’t cry out, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing???  Do you know Who I am???  You have no right to hurt Me.  I created you.  I shouldn’t be serving YOU.  You should be serving Me!”  The Bible says, He answered not a word.  Not a word.  No retaliation.  No pecking back. He was a servant to all of mankind…by choice.  It is hard for my mind to comprehend that. 

So, who am I to retaliate and want my “rights”?  When I am being “pecked” repeatedly by those who really don’t care about how I feel or what is going on with me, do I really have the right to peck back?  Am I not called a CHRISTian?  Doesn’t that give a clue as to how I am to respond?  How short I fall in my endeavors to be like Him!  If being “the last quail” makes me more like Christ, then my heart says “amen”!  And, look at Him now!  He is seated back in Heaven at the right hand of His Father!  One day, by His grace, by following the same path He did, I plan to be there with Him.

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